Free Samples! (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Hello fellow recipients of the free samples!

I hope that you are enjoying the cup. Yup there are some improvements required on the coffee. We have looked into the profiling and we know that there are tweaks that required on the taste profiles :) 

Roasting coffee is like cooking. We try best our best trying to get the best taste notes out of every beans. Some require a longer maillard processing time, some require a shorter time. No beans are the same and we are still pursuing the art of a fine cup!

To be safe with the beans. Feel free to experiment it diffently. try it over the a medium coarse for the grind profile and give it a try. Following are the details of the beans that you guys received.

Everything is measured to 20 grams

▪ Nicaragua V1

▪▪ Nicaragua V2

Mandheling Sidikalang (our favorite)

▪▪ Ethiopian Shentabene 

▪▪▪ Ethiopian Guji Uraga

SK - Sweet Kintamani (not yet on offer)

Blend - a combo of Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia (best served cold with ice!) [no yet on offer]

I hope to retain your support in the many moons to come! as we have many more beans to offer you in the months to come!


Thank you!

Have a nice day!

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