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Nicaragua Finca La Virgen Matagalpa

RM35.00 MYR

Nicaragua stands tall amongst the coffee-growing nations of the world. With a wonderfully pleasant flavor profile, the coffee from this region is high in quality and complex in flavor. Nicaragua is among the top producer of Central American 

Finca la Virgen is a truly a special farm. It is among the top farm in Nicaragua. Back in 2018, they were ranked #6 in the 2018 Cup of Excellence (cup score 89.55) for their Honey process, hybrid varietal beans.

What we have in store is the natural process, hybrid varietal beans. The hybrid is Centroamericano H1, T5296 + Rume Sudan.

Wait what? What are hybrid beans?

Based on world coffee research organization, Centro Americano H1 is a cross between Sarchimor T-5296 (a hybrid of arabica & canephora- popped out back in the 1920 is the island of Timor [East Timor now]) and Rume Sudan. This hybrid is lauded for being a rust resistant and 30% more productive than Cattura or Catuai.  All wrapped up together in the genes of Centroamericano are Arabica, Timor Robusta a mutated Costa Rican Bourbon and a wild Rume Sudan. 

When we look at the beans, it is a lot larger than the supremo of the Colombian beans. We estimate from what we have the screen size is 22. However, the density of the beans is 692 g/ml, a lot more dense than the Colombian coffee that we have.

It took our roaster a while in obtaining the right profile. The first time that we roast it, we obtain a super strong red dates taste with a long longan after taste. That was with a high 200c charge temperature with a decent ROR throughout the roasting process (500 gram). The taste of red dates tend to stabilize after a week and it was super smooth over the V60 with a ratio of 1:16.5 

We wanted to test it with a slightly lower charge temperature, 175c to see if we could extract the longan taste from this coffee. Being a large bean with an above average density, the bean tend to react differently in the roasting process. The second batch did not came out as good as the first one. 

We did a test run on the Ikawa, to understand the full potential of the beans. Well guess what, we found something which is truly Asian. Red Dates, Longan without the lemon grass. The coffee itself is sweet, sugary like gula melaka (palm sugar) echoing in the taste notes. 

This drink is the next level coffee. Give it a try!

Varietal Centroamericano H1

Process : Natural

Roast Profile - Light to Medium Roast (12% weight loss after roasting with a 10% development time)


Easy to handle with french press - coarse ground with 1:20 ground to water ratio. 

V60 Notes : Give it a try with 1:16.5-17 ground to water ratio. Try a slightly coarser than normal grind.


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