Coffee by Kilo

Are you a cafe operator or a budget holder for your workplace and in search for coffee for your machine? 

We would like to keep things simple make things as seamless as possible. You may ask, which coffee is good for what ever method that you brew. At the end it falls back to your preferences. There are tonnes of coffee available at the website. To make things easy - here what we proposed

2 x 400G of Filter Coffee = 1KG (only for wholesale)

We are able to customize the roast if you want to brew over the espresso machine. 

Mix & Match

We are aware that most brewers like to change coffee almost weekly. We do it too. Feel free to pick and choose which ever coffee that you like in the check out box. 


We will slash the pricing - 15% off the whole basket (no MOQ required, mix & match). 


Meet the requirement of RM 750 minimum purchase

Purchase online via the website and use the discount code : wholesale750 at checkout