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Blue Mandheling Sidikalang

RM30.00 MYR

Grown the island of Sumatra, Mandheling coffee is know much for its smooth full body and complex taste. Typically, Indonesian beans will be process through the "Giling Basah" process. There are millions of other coffee producer (Indonesian) which process its coffee using the same method and most of it came out to have a similar taste and it produced coffee of high quality. "Giling Basah" process is considered as a cheap process and widely used in Indonesia.

The producers of this green beans wanting more than produce quality coffee. With million tons of coffee being produce in the Isle of Sumatra, the producer began to experimenting various processing method. From one of their experiments, they obtained a special coffee with a distinctive taste of wine. 

Because there is a taste of wine in the coffee, lest coffee contains alcohol? The producers sent their coffee to be tested in the lab. After going through lab test, it turns out coffee does not contain alcohol. Just a taste sensation only. This taste came from the fermented coffee peels during the processing.

This coffee feels like heaven's drink. The two most classy drinks in the world. Wine and Coffee. Combined with flavor and flavor that blends perfectly into one cup. 

Truly an Icon for Indonesia coffee. 

Varietal : Sigarar Utang

Region : Sidikalang, Sumatera Utara

Process : Wine Process

Roast Profile - Medium

Easy to handle with french press - coarse ground with 1:20 ground to water ratio.

V60 Notes : Give it a try with 1:16 ground to water ratio (Medium Coarse! - not the usual ground for V60!)

Taste Notes:

Fruity! Slight Cinnamon Aroma, Mid Body (Giling Basah will produce Full bodied coffee), Hamlet fruit (Mempelam in Malay) & Star Fruit (Belimbing in Malay)


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