Wes Ngopi?

In Javanese language "Wes Ngopi?" means "have you had your coffee?".

In Malay, we use "dah makan?" more than we use "assalamualaikum" as a form of greeting. Be it a face-to-face conversation or through the phone. We tend to greet people like that, especially when someone comes to the house or even during a client/supplier meeting. With it, people tend to be more relax.

Same with "Wes Ngopi?". It shares a common goal. To sit, enjoy each others company and enjoy the brew.

Coffee is diverse. Previously, the are only two ways I describe a cup of coffee. It's either good or bad. Well, there are still bad coffee out there. It is rare when you heard people say "sedap weh' when they describe a cup of black coffee. Well, we can't judge a roasted beans by its colour. Check out the taste notes of my offerings. Some of the beans could produce a hints of longan, pineapple and many other notes. It all depends; 30% from the origin; another 30% from the roasting and the other 40% is from the brewing skills. 

The road has not been long for me. I have no professional diploma in coffee roasting nor am I a Q grader. The only think I could relate my current work with coffee is; we will have short meetings over "kopi" and "kueh". 

I am still learning the art and the technicalities of coffee roasting. I hope you will learn something too and try some of my attempts on these exotic beans.

As I mentioned earlier, 30% origin, 30% roasting and 40% brewing skills. It all falls back to you. If you are not confident with the brewing, just bring the coffee beans to the nearest coffee shop, and ask the barista "Wes ngopi?". They would be more than happy to brew it for you. 

Last but not least, don't forget to tip your barista/brewista #tipyourbarista 


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