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Brewing 101

What’s my favourite brewing method? Not until recently I have heard of the Kasuya method. I found that this method is easy to follow and it is indeed simple. Thanks to brother @kopituras for enlightening me with this method.

Previously, I was indeed having a tough time figuring out how a filter coffee should be prepared. Sometimes, it was extracting too much and sometimes it was extracting too little and most of the time, during the third pour, the filter somewhat became stuck.

The Kasuya method has given the best output so far. Along the way, I did some improvisation on getting the right extraction for my liking. I do realize that most of the times, different beans has its own brewing profile which can be quite tricky to obtain the right equilibrium with my tongue. Some how, i adjusted the coffee to water ratio between 14.5 to 16.5 to see which is which. At home after roasting, we do our own cupping too in order to get the right hit based on our personal liking.

So how do I brew?

  1. Identify the ratio required 14.5-16.5 or sometimes higher.
  2. Determine the weight of beans required based on the ratio selected.
  3. Kasuya recommended that the coarse is as per French press ground. This is very helpful in ensuring a smooth flow of drip as the Kasuya method has 5 series of pouring. If its used the standard ground for drip, after the 3rd pour the drip will stop flowing.
  4. I divide my pour into 4 series and normally I will brew 25 grams of coffee with 362.5 of water (14.5 ratio)
  5. The 4:6 method still applies here even though Kasuya recommended 5 series of pouring. In the first stage (first 40% of the brew), I will divide it into 2. The first is too bloom the ground and the second is to balance out the brew. I tend to go with the 30% for blooming and 70% to balance up the part 1. I notice that if the ratio is half and half the taste becomes very boring. With 30:70 ratio I am able to extract the sweetness and the floral notes better.
  6. In the second phase (60% remaining), I will divide the brew into 2 series of pouring. Half and half. I have tested with 3 series of pouring, but its takes a longer time to complete the brew. I also notice, the longer the brew time, the coffee tend to lose out some of its key features.
  7. The sequence that I used for each pour is about 45 seconds. As for 25 gram of coffee ground, I am able to complete the brew under 3:30.


Give it a try, improvise further and good luck! So far I have using this method since I met @kopituras.

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