Selection Series #7 August 2020

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RM 100 for 4 x 125 Gram of freshly roasted coffee

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Single origin.

Four different origin per month.

All local shipments will be fulfilled by DHL and for International Delivery, it will be fulfilled by Fedex.

What are the offers for June?

A. Sumatran Raja Harimau Lintong

B. Colombian Quijiana Pink Bourbon

C. Bolivian El Fuerte Java

D. Kenya Embu AB

This month selection we have decided to select coffees with classic variety from the point of origin. The first one is coffee with Onan Ganjang Varietal which is grown specifically in the South West of Lake Toba which produce a very clean yet a very classic Sumatran Coffee. The second offerings is the classic Colombian coffee that has a very aromatic and sweet taste.

The third offerings is the Java varietal it is best grown at a high altitude and could produce coffee with an outstanding fragrance if processed carefully. The last is the best Kenyan we had this year. Its juicy, aromatic and long lasting.

By the way, if you decide to add an additional bag, you will automatically get a 11% for the next one additional bag!

There will be 2 delivery for this selection, the first is on the 23rd of July and the second delivery will be made on the 1st of August 2020.

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