Selection Series #9 October 2020

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We are back with the 9th series of the #kopimampumilik selection. What we have here are the experimental coffee processes from top reputed producers from 3 region. They are South American, African and Asian. The processor hail from Finca Monteblanco is Snr Rodrigo Sanchez of Finca La Loma (also owner of Finca Monteblanco), Sameon Abey  the lead natural process and experimental process for Nordic Approach in Ethiopia, John Kimondo from Jungle Estate and Pak Wildan Mustofa hailing from Frinsa Estate.

Asides from these unusual process based on the industry standard, these processor are pioneers of the things that they do. Snr Rodrigo Sanchez, founded the cold fermentation technique back in 2015 to ensure that only the sweet stuff is generated and minimizing the microbes manifestation during the extended fermentation process. The single layer drying process in Kenya on the other hand is a technique to ensure that the drying phase is harmonized in a wet country like Kenya.

These techniques is a risk itself, normally a small lot of cherries is used for these processing. At cupping, these coffee present a very out of the norm based in each of the terroir where the coffee is planted. Truly is a very limited in quantity and a must try coffee.

These selection consist of coffees from various variety such as Geisha and Wush Wush. Both varietal is similar and originates from South West of Ethiopia. However, the later ones consist of a much more prominent body than Geisha.

Information on the coffee can be found further by clicking the link below :

a. Finca La Loma Geisha Cold Washed

b. Ethiopia Anasora  Wush Wush Anaerobic Natural

c. Kenya Jungle Estate SLD Anaerobic Natural

d. Frinsa Estate Lactic Process

The delivery of these coffee will be made on the 24th of September 2020 and 1st of October. Quantity is limited!

Thank you for your support