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Peru - El Corazon Geisha by Efrain Carhuallocllo

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grinding, it releases a scent of lemon peel, peach, and floral notes. At the first sip, you'll encounter an elegant blend of jasmine tea, bergamot, and lemon peel, accompanied by hints of honey and the sweet aroma of peach. This coffee presents a silky texture and embodies the classic Geisha flavor profile."

Efrain's farm is nestled just outside the picturesque village of El Corazón in Northwest Peru. His farming journey commenced in 2005, predominantly centered around the Yellow Caturra coffee variety. However, the crown jewel of his plantation is undoubtedly the prize-winning Geisha variety, which occupies a separate plot known as the El Cerro Lot. This Geisha coffee earned an impressive third place in the 2022 Cup of Excellence (CoE) competition, also situated within the village of El Corazon.

Efrain's affiliation with the organization Cenfrocafe dates back to 2007. Cenfrocafe stepped in to offer invaluable training and technical support when they recognized the untapped potential for specialty coffees in El Corazon. Thanks to Cenfrocafe's guidance, Efrain consistently secures top positions in internal competitions organized by the organization. In the past, Efrain even clinched the prestigious Cup of Excellence award. In 2022, his meticulously washed Geisha coffee received an exceptional score of 90 from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Efrain's debut in the CoE was in 2017 when his washed Geisha earned a remarkable score of 90.61, securing second place. The auction proceeds from this achievement amounted to nearly USD 35,000, which Efrain wisely reinvested in the uppermost section of his farm.

Today, Efrain's dedicated team includes his wife, Maria, and their daughter, Yulisa, who actively assist in managing their three-hectare farm. All the coffee produced on their farm undergoes processing at their private facility, conveniently located at their residence. Collaborating with Cenfrocafe, their farm has proudly achieved organic certification, prioritizing sustainable practices. They refrain from using herbicides and instead emphasize effective waste management and responsible water handling.

The coffee plants on Efrain's farm are strategically positioned at varying altitudes and are thoughtfully shaded by naturally thriving Laurel trees native to Peru. Geisha, the prized variety, flourishes at an elevation of 1900 meters above sea level, resulting in a slow-maturing Geisha type that promises an exceptionally refined coffee experience.

Their coffee undergoes a meticulous washed processing method. Due to the farm's unique terrain, every coffee cherry is painstakingly hand-picked. Yulisa spearheads the picking efforts, ensuring only the ripest cherries make it to the harvest. Subsequently, the harvested cherries are transported to the processing station, where they undergo a 16-hour fermentation process. They are then carefully washed to eliminate the mucilage, after which the parchment coffee is transferred to drying beds. The farm's high altitude, coupled with limited sunshine, extends the drying period, imparting a distinct and captivating flavor profile to their coffee.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Washed
Origin : El Corazon, Cajamarca

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