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Panama - Volcan Baru x Eleta - Luna Negra Geisha

RM44.75 MYR

"Upon grounding, it has an aroma of intense cherry jam, rum-soaked raisins and cocoa aromas. At first sip on the palate is primarily characterized by the flavours of rum soaked grapes and maraschino cherries, accompanied by hints of passion fruit jam and dried mango aroma and end with dark chocolate and raisin. It has a very deep flavor and long lasting after taste"

About a year ago, we introduced a collaboration between Eleta and Ninety+, and this year, we are delighted to bring you a similar coffee to the one we featured a year ago. It's no secret that Cafe Eleta made an undisclosed investment in Ninety+ in 2019. Together, they acquired the Baru Estates in the same year and transformed it into a state-of-the-art coffee processing center. The estate is relatively new, with Geisha coffee varieties being planted since its acquisition.

What we have here is a Geisha variety coffee from various smallholder farmers in the Baru district, located just 4 kilometers away from the Eleta/Ninety+ processing center. Approximately 50 coffee farmers contributed to this lot, employing traditional farming methods. They benefit from the exceptional soil quality nurtured by volcanic activity from the Volcan Baru volcano. This region offers an ideal environment for growing high-quality coffee, situated at an altitude of 1600 masl. While the production yield may not be exceptionally high, the soil and environmental quality ensure the long-term sustainability of these smallholders.

In the future, we envision that the new Baru production facility will evolve into a hub for specialty coffee processing, supporting smallholder farmers in the Volcan Baru area. This concept is akin to what we've seen with the CCD Coffee Processor, which focuses on the Chiriqui area. The Baru Processing Center, on the other hand, concentrates its efforts on assisting smallholders in the Western Bloc of the volcanic region.

For this particular selection of Geisha coffee, an innovative processing method is employed. It involves fermenting the entire cherry at a high temperature using a special heat-producing yeast during the cellular respiration process. This process represents a natural fermentation journey that includes multiple anaerobic, high-temperature fermentation steps, with the addition of specific yeast strains to maintain precise control over the fermentation process. Before the drying phase, the cherry is pulped to remove the skin and is then fermented again. Following fermentation, the cherries are dried on African beds until they reach the targeted moisture level. The dried cherry skin remains highly visible, sporting a dark brown color that clings to the surface of the beans. Notably, the coffee beans do not undergo a polishing process, preserving their highly aromatic nature in its raw form.


Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1600 masl
Process : Multistage Fermentation
Origin : Rio Candela

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