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Panama - Mama Cata Estate - Typica ASD

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"The dry fragrance has notes of berries, dried mangoes, and raisins. As soon as it enters the mouth, there are upfront flavors of blackberries, pickled pineapples, and dried mangoes, followed by the emergence of strawberry and peach aromas. The finish has hints of raisins and chocolate, and the taste is deep and substantial."

MamaCata farm has a rich history dating back to before Panama became a country. The Monic family, who also owned Finca Lerida, Elida, and Mama Cata, were the first owners of the farm. Later, the Fisher family purchased the farm and introduced Geisha, but the farm focuses solely on the Typica varietal.
Founded in 1911, MamaCata farm is one of the original premium Panama farms. Jose David Garrido Perez currently owns the farm, having purchased it in 1997. Since then, he has modernized the growing process by revamping the farm's existing technology.
Garrido Perez uses GPS coordinates to identify coffee lots, allowing him to study soil composition, varietal, and individual tree output in a given lot. From this information, he tailors each harvest to produce the best quality and output of coffee cherry possible. The farm places a major focus on harvesting only the ripest cherries, and pickers are educated on proper ripeness, rather than just picking all the cherries off a given tree. Additionally, the patio drying of the coffee is done with attention to weather patterns, which are monitored by high-tech weather stations located at the wetmill.
Garrido Perez's efforts have paid off, as he has won the Best of Panama competition multiple times in the past. His expertise in growing and processing some of the world's best coffee is unparalleled.
One of the farm's varieties is an ASD processed Typica. The coffee is immediately placed inside an airtight container when fresh red cherries are picked. It is anaerobically fermented for three days before the container is opened. The drying process typically lasts for 10 to 20 days before it is hulled.
Variety : Typica
Altitude : 1600 masl
Process : Anaerobic Slow Dry
Origin: Boquete

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