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Panama - Iris Estate - Green Tip Geisha Collection

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Enigma Taste note

"The ground aroma is marked by notes of mango, passion fruit, peach, and a wine-like aroma. Upon the initial taste, a decadent flavor reminiscent of concord grapes, mango jam, and pineapple sweetness unfolds, followed by the subtle emergence of peach and a gentle fruity wine essence. As the temperature gradually decreases, aroma of lemongrass along with a touch of ginger, make their way to the forefront, lingering gracefully in the aftertaste, creating an elegant and delicate sensation."

Afterglow Taste note

"Upon grounding, the dry aroma exudes fragrances reminiscent of strawberries, mangoes, bergamot, and lemon peel, subtly infused with a hint of lavender. Upon the initial sip, it presents a tapestry of rich flavors including blueberries, mangos, strawberries, and the sweet notes of peach gummies, accompanied by the delicate notes of jasmine flowers and a subtle touch of lavender that gracefully extend into the aftertaste. This coffee offers an elegant and delicate experience."

Iris Estate is an innovative coffee project co-owned by three experienced professionals in the coffee industry: Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah, Sasa Sestic of ONA, and Elvin of Cloudcatcher. These passionate owners are dedicated to sharing every facet of the journey to create the perfect cup of coffee that truly reflects the unique terroir from which it originates. Their blueprint revolves around celebrating terroir-based processing, acknowledging the hard work of the producers, and recognizing the trees as the primary source of coffee quality.

Situated at a remarkably high altitude, even by Panamanian standards, Iris Estate ranges from 1850 to 2300 meters above sea level, with distinct microclimates across its diverse lots. This elevation, while challenging for Geisha cultivation, yields exceptional cup profiles for each coffee variety produced. The estate's topography has been carefully assessed to optimize coffee quality based on its elevation. Higher altitudes also bring increased UV exposure, necessitating meticulous shade management throughout the year.

Overseeing the entire operation is the accomplished producer, Jamison Savage, who initiated this venture approximately five years ago. He has meticulously planted various coffee varietals across the farm while preserving the ecosystem's integrity. This approach allows the cherries to express the natural flavors and elements specific to their environment.

Iris Estate boasts two distinct processing techniques: the Afterglow lot and the Enigma lot, both featuring the Green Tip Geisha variety. This particular variety is renowned for its pronounced floral notes and vibrant acidity, making it an intriguing choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Afterglow Lot Processing Protocols

All of the coffee produced at Iris estate is processed at Finca Deborah, the journey from cherry to bean is a meticulous process. Cherries are hand-picked with a sugar content exceeding 21ºBrix, then dried on a tiered African bed with precise temperature and humidity control. Consistency is maintained to prevent mold, and the cherries undergo gradual sun drying for up to 30 days, absorbing natural flavors. A 90-day "reposo" period stabilizes and enhances sweetness. Finally, beans are selected for quality, vacuum-sealed, and prepared for export.

Enigma Lot Processing Protocols

Cherries, harvested at a precise 20-22ºBrix ripeness, undergo a meticulous selection process and are sealed in CO2-filled tanks for extended fermentation at controlled temperatures. After fermentation, they are carefully dried on a three-tier African bed system at Finca Deborah, with the drying room regulating temperature, humidity, and airflow to enhance flavors in a 20-25 day period, reducing moisture content to 10-12%. The beans are stored in dried cherry pods within grain-pro bags to absorb more flavor and stabilize moisture levels under controlled conditions. Following absorption and stabilization, the coffee is hulled, selectively chosen based on density, size, shape, and color, vacuum-sealed, and prepared for export.

Coffee Details

Variety : Green Tip Geisha
Altitude : 1850 - 2300 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Volcan

Variety : Green Tip Geisha
Altitude : 1850 - 2300 masl
Process : Carbonic Macerated Natural

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