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Indonesia - Frinsa Rujak Bebeg - 336 hours Fermentation

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"Upon grinding of the coffee, the coffee has the dry aroma of blueberry, grape, peach, mango and mild floral aroma. At first sip, intense and complex flavour Tropical flavour. Then berries, lychee, guava and intense pomegranete with peach aroma at the end. The coffee is juicy and has complex changeable feels."

In 2021, we introduced Rujak Bebeg from Frinsa Estate, a remarkable Indonesian coffee, to our selection. Its exceptional acidity and sweetness exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately, the high demand from the European market made it unavailable to us in 2022. Furthermore, Indonesia's coffee output was somewhat lackluster, particularly in terms of specialty and microlot selections. Additionally, the price fluctuations for Indonesian coffee exceeded our usual price ceiling.

Frinsa Estate, established in 2010 by the couple Pak Wildan Mustofa and his wife Ibu Atieq, began its primary coffee venture in Weninggalih, which gradually expanded. Presently, Frinsa Estate boasts six farms situated in the Regency of Bandung, encompassing Weninggalih, Mekarwangi, Gunung Tilu, Pengalengan, Gunung Malabar, and Garut.

Distinct from the majority of Indonesian producers who prioritize wet hulled processing, Pak Wildan focuses on the meticulous fully washed process. Their central wetmill, located at the main Weninggalih farm, grants Pak Wildan complete oversight from harvest to processing and coffee grading. Collaborating with his son, Om Fikri, takes charge of coffee processing, constantly innovating with special processes and crafting new microlots for the estate.

For our offering is an anaerobic fermented coffee, which undergoes a 336-hour (14-day) fermentation period before being sun-dried on elevated beds until reaching optimal moisture levels. Lactobacillus culture is utilized as the fermenting yeast. After a thorough washing and cleaning of the cherries, they are placed within plastic barrels alongside the lactobacillus culture for anaerobic fermentation. Ordinarily, Om Fikri ferments their Lactic lot for 2 to 3 days, but for this specific lot, the fermentation extends to 14 days.

Om Fikri mention that this coffee offering taste like a local Indonesian dish, Rujak Bebeg. Which contains, Ambarella (Kendondong), Mango (Mangga Muda), tapioca (Ubi), Sweet Turnip (Sengkuang), Plaintain (Pisang Batu), Tamarind (Asam Jawa) and Rock sugar (gula batu).

As a side note, it's worth mentioning that the Frinsa Estate achieved an impressive ranking of #3 in the Indonesia 2nd COE competition. Their coffee, the Frinsa Salsabilla, named after Pak Wildan's daughter Yasmin Nabila, received a remarkable score of 89.59 points. This particular coffee was processed using the Anaerobic Natural method.

Variety : Multivariety
Altitude : 1400 to 1600masl
Process : Anaerobic Natural
Origin : Bandung


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