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Guatemala - Santa Felisa - Classic Geisha Series

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Santa Felisa Geisha 2722
"Upon grounding, it carries the rich aroma of strawberries, peaches and sweet floral notes. At first sip, the predominant flavours are strawberry jam, peach nectar, white grape with undertones of rich rose fragrance and hints of mango. The mouthfeel is smooth, the flavour are sweet and delicate, with rich and varied layers."

Santa Felisa African Geisha
"Upon grounding, it exudes scents of lemon peel, grapefruit and jasmine flower. Upon tasting, the distinct flavours of lemon custard and pomelo tea, followed by the emergence of bergamot and fresh jasmine flower fragrances. The finish is accompanied by hint of honey and floral notes. The coffee is elegant and delicate"

This collection hails from the prestigious Santa Felisa farm, renowned for its expertise in producing Geisha coffee in Guatemala and its meticulous coffee processing techniques.

Under the management of the Meneses siblings, the farm embodies a dedication to agricultural advancement. Anabella, an agronomist, ecologist, and Q Grader, leads Precision Agriculture, carefully overseeing daily farm operations in harmony with the "Laws of Nature." Meanwhile, Antonio focuses on global marketing efforts.

Nestled near the active stratovolcano, Volcan de Fuego, Santa Felisa cultivates a diverse range of unique, rare, and exotic coffees, including Red Typica, Red Bourbon, Pache, Red Caturra, Yellow Catuai, Starmaya, Red Pacamara, Gesha 2722, African Gesha, Sudan Rume, Laurina Oval, and Sidra.

The farm is committed to organic practices, avoiding synthetic agrochemicals, implementing reforestation initiatives for watershed protection, and employing non-chemical pest control methods. Red worm composting enriches the soil, reflecting the agronomist's dedication to quality and ecosystem conservation.

Within this collection, two types of Geisha are featured: African Geisha and Geisha 2722. Geisha 2722 originated from Costa Rica's CATIE and later spread to Panama, Colombia, and other countries in South and Central America. The Geisha 2722 seeds were sourced from Panama. Conversely, the African Geisha seeds were directly obtained from the Gori Gesha Forest and planted at Santa Felisa, bypassing cultivation in Costa Rica or Panama.

Processing Philosophy & Protocol
For the Geisha 2722; the process used is Natural while the African Geisha; a Fully Washed process. Anabella oversees the processing activities at Santa Felisa. Each of this coffee is picked based on selective harvest. A brix meter is used to determined the sugar level of the cherries.

For the natural process, ripe cherries with a brix value of 22, indicating high sugar content conducive to acidity transformation, are handpicked. These cherries undergo sorting before being laid out on African raised beds for 3 to 4 weeks. Throughout this period, the cherries are turned every 2 hours to ensure uniform drying. Once they reach the optimum moisture level, the dried cherries are packed into bags and rested in a ventilated room for 3 weeks before hulling.

For the Fully Washed process, once the cherries reach a brix level of 23, they are carefully picked and undergo anaerobic fermentation for 18 hours. Following this, the cherries are depulped and subjected to dry fermentation for 42 hours. Afterward, they are washed and submerged in parchment for a second soak lasting 8 hours. Subsequently, the coffee is dried on raised beds for a period of 10 days. Once the cherries reach their optimal moisture level, they are packed into bags and left to rest in a ventilated room for 3 weeks before hulling.

Coffee Details
Variety : Geisha 2722
Altitude : 1550 masl
Process : Natural

Variety : African Geisha
Altitude : 1500 masl
Process : Washed

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