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Ethiopia - Ye Genet by Tsegaye Hagos (Peach Dream)

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon Grounding, the aroma is strawberry jam, peach and bergamot. The fragrance is clear at first sip, sweet strawberry wafer cake, Wakayama peach juice in both mid and end section. The floral is changeable aroma is between jasmine and bergamot during warm and cool. The coffee is delicate and elegant."

Tsegaye Hagos was born in the Atsbi Wonberta woreda, a district in Tigray, one of Ethiopia's nine states. Tigray is known for its dry and arid lands that border Eritrea, and the majority of its inhabitants are Orthodox Christians who follow strict religious concepts such as fasting. Despite the challenges of growing up in this environment, Tsegaye considers Tigray his home, a place that shaped his early years.
Unfortunately, Tsegaye lost his parents at a young age, and his older siblings took on the responsibility of raising him. Despite the difficulties, Tsegaye's upbringing was filled with the importance of coffee. From an early age, he was fascinated by the coffee industry and dreamed of working in it one day. However, the North was not an ideal location for quality coffee, and Tsegaye had to wait for his opportunity to pursue his passion.
At the age of 18, Tsegaye decided to immigrate to Sudan because of the unstable political situation in Ethiopia. Like many young people in that time, he fled to a neighboring country in search of a better future. Tsegaye spent 15 years in Sudan, working in various jobs, but the love for coffee never left his mind.
In 1996, Tsegaye joined a joint venture that supplied the local market with coffee. This was his opportunity to pursue his dream, and he dove headfirst into the industry. However, Tsegaye was ambitious and wanted to start his own coffee company. He decided to visit Guji, a zone in southern Ethiopia known for its coffee, to explore the possibility of starting a washing station.
After visiting the Kercha District in Guji, which borders the fruitful woreda of Gedeb, Tsegaye saw an opportunity. Just 10 years after joining the venture, Tsegaye opened his own washing station in Kercha, called Sasaba. The work at Sasaba proved to be intensive, and Tsegaye needed assistance. He enlisted the help of his childhood friend Mulu Gebreyohannes, a fellow Tigrayan, who became the operation manager at Sasaba.
Tsegaye's dedication to producing high-quality Guji coffee has earned him a reputation as one of the most consistent producers in the region. The Sasaba coffees, both washed and natural, showcase the best that Kercha has to offer. However, Tsegaye's ambitions did not stop there. He saw an opportunity to open another washing station, this time in the Gedeo zone, called Ye Genet.
Tsegaye's approach to coffee production is holistic, and he understands that the success of his business relies on the support of the local community. He provides financial incentives to smallholders to deliver good cherries and initiates social projects to improve conditions in the area. For example, he constructed a school building for the children of the coffee community. The coffee at Ye Genet is planted at an altitude surpassing 2000 masl and processed as natural at the washing station. The meticulous processing and the presence of peach aroma and taste in the cup are testaments to Tsegaye's dedication to producing high-quality coffee.
Variety : Heirloom
Altitude :  1950-2250 masl
Process : Natural
Origin:  Guji

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