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Ethiopia - Worka Nenke by Abraham Mengiste

RM50.00 MYR

"Upon grounding, it reveals rich aroma of strawberries, peach and white flower aroma. At first sip, strawberry jam, peaches and tangerine with aroma of mango and jasmine floral aroma. The after taste lingers with taste of strawberries and bergamot creating a sweet, full-bodied and intricate layered profile. "

The Worka Nenke washing station is located in the southern region of Ethiopia, specifically in Nenke Village. It is under the management of Abreham Mengist and is situated approximately 18 kilometers away from Gedeb. Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, this washing station is positioned at an elevation of 1,983 masl. It is dedicated to the production of both Washed and Natural coffees, with the active participation of more than 2,950 farmers who primarily cultivate the 74110 coffee variety.

Mr. Abreham Mengiste and Mrs. Meseret Workneh have taken the lead in various social responsibility initiatives, including the construction of schools and bridges, as well as the provision of essential school supplies to students. Primrose Coffee places significant emphasis on promoting sustainable development and empowering the farmers who contribute to their ongoing success.

The coffee production process commences with the procurement of cherries from local farmers. Upon arrival at the Worka Nenke site, a rigorous sorting process is conducted to remove any cherries that are underripe or overripe. Following this sorting, the coffee beans are evenly distributed on raised beds for sun drying, a process that typically spans 15 to 20 days. To prevent cracking, the beans are covered during the midday sun. Once the beans achieve the desired moisture content, they are transported to the dry mill, which is located in proximity to the capital city, Addis Ababa.

At the dry mill, a pre-cleaning machine is employed to eliminate foreign matter, metal debris, and stones from the coffee beans. Subsequently, the polishing stage removes the parchment and silver skin. After polishing, the coffee undergoes grading based on screen size and undergoes a gravity separation process to remove lightweight and broken beans. To ensure impeccable quality, color sorters are used for further quality control, effectively eliminating any defective beans. This meticulous process guarantees that only the finest coffee is delivered to customers.

Variety : 74410
Altitude : 2000 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Nenka, Gedeb.

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