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Ethiopia - Guji Wate Dimtu - Red Honey Kurume

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"After being ground, the coffee emanates a fragrance of peach, lychee, and gardenia. The initial taste is reminiscent of Wakayama Peach juice, followed by a raspberry flavor with a delicate lychee sweetness and Gardenia aroma in the middle. The coffee has a thick, smooth texture similar to yogurt, and it exudes a pleasant, delicate sweetness."

Wate is a processing station that was established by the Charissa Family, who also own the Kilenso Washing Station. It was constructed in 2019 and serves as a processing station for the high altitude region of West Guji. Since its establishment, the washing station has gained recognition in the 2021 Ethiopian #CoE. Wate was among the National Winners and placed 5th in the cup score rankings.

The coffee produced at Wate is a selection of microlots grown in the high ridge of West Guji, specifically in the small town of Goro Dimtu. The town sits at an altitude of 2200 masl and can reach up to 2400 masl in the northern part. The Kurume varietal is mainly grown in the high altitude of the Guji range and produces small, dense coffee beans. These beans are planted by small holders on their plots of land at high altitudes, which results in a unique coffee flavor profile with higher clarity in taste, aroma, and flavor.

During harvest, only ripe cherries are picked and sorted by color. Farmers receive a premium when delivering ripe cherries to the washing station. The coffee is then pulped using a specialized pulper that removes only the layer of the cherry skin due to the nature of the cherry from high altitudes.

The Red Honey process requires special care to avoid over-fermentation due to the mucilage-laden parchment. The cherry is dried under a canopy with controlled airflow to ensure a stable distribution throughout the cellular structure. This process takes about 4-5 days, and on the 6th day, the cherry is sundried. Total drying time is 3 to 4 weeks, and upon reaching the appropriate moisture level, the parchment is rested for 2 weeks before hulling.

Variety : Kurume
Altitude : 2300 to 2400 masl
Process : Red Honey
Origin: Goro Dimtu, West Guji

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