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Ethiopia - Laayyoo Teraagaa Red Honey

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grounding it exudes a rich and aromatic fragrance reminiscent of lemon zest, bergamot, peach and strawberry. At first sip, we encounter flavor similar to Wakayama peach, lychee sorbet ad strawberry jam. Accompanied by notes of lemon custard and flora aroma of gardenia and bergamot. The texture is smooth and the sweetness is enchanting."

Every year, our aim is to source this exceptional coffee from Uraga in Ethiopia. Laya Teraga stands out as one of our favorite coffees from this region. This year, we had the privilege of obtaining a uniquely prepared coffee from the producer using the Red Honey Process.

Layo Teraga can be found in the northern part of Guji, a well-known coffee-producing area known as Uraga. It has gained renown for its meticulously prepared coffee, and the producers are enthusiastic about going the extra mile to create experimental batches.

This small lot comes from the efforts of 34 farmers, each typically owning between 5 to 7 acres of coffee farms on average. For this particular lot, only the 74410 coffee variety is used. This specific variety was carefully selected from an original "mother tree" in the Bishari village of the Illubabor Forest in Oromia, a region renowned for Gesha Village. The Teraga village is situated at an altitude ranging from 2100 to 2350 meters above sea level. The coffee cultivated here is among the highest-grown in Ethiopia. The coffee is mainly grown in a semi-forested environment, with natural vegetation providing shade cover.

The processing of this coffee takes place at the Layo Teraga washing station, owned by Yohanis Sefara. This lot undergoes the Red Honey process. The cherries for this special microlot are meticulously handpicked, with pickers selecting only the ripest and most perfect cherries. This special picking method demands considerable effort, and farmers are generously compensated for the cherries they deliver to the washing station. On the same day, the cherries are washed and then moved to the washing channel to remove any floaters. Subsequently, they are pulped to remove the skin and transferred to African beds inside a greenhouse to ensure a consistent drying process. Initially, they are turned every 30 minutes as the drying phase begins, and as they start to dry out, the process is adjusted to every 15 minutes. In total, the drying process takes up to 21 days to achieve the desired moisture level.

Variety : 74410
Altitude : 2300 masl
Process : Red Honey
Origin : Teraga, Oromia.

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