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Ethiopia - Guji Sewana (Purple Haze)

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, it has an aroma of blueberry, peach, bergamot and floral fragrance. At first sip, it is rich with purple fruit notes such as blueberry, grape gummy, lychee jelly flavours accompanied by bergamot and violet flowers. In the mid section a mild rose aroma and peach fruit fragrance emerge. The coffee is full bodied and very sweet."

This coffee boasts a robust flavor profile with distinct notes of purple fruits.

Produced by the owners of the Mormora estate, which is located on the opposite side of the river, this estate is part of their private holdings known as the Mormora & Guji Highlands Plantation. Covering a total of 250 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation in Ethiopia, Mormora estate has been actively planting coffee across Guji, particularly in the southern region. Notably, the coffee from Mormora estate holds an organic certification. This certification underscores the significant impact of organic cultivation on the coffee's flavor profile, resulting in a rich and truly distinctive taste.

During harvest, the ripe coffee cherries undergo a meticulous processing at the Sewana milling station. A rigorous selection process ensures that only the finest cherries are chosen and spread out on African raised beds within 6 to 8 hours after harvest to prevent fermentation. The cherries are carefully laid out to maintain a thickness between 2-4 cm, ensuring even drying. During this period, the cherries are turned at least twice per hour, with the staff removing any unripe, insect-damaged, or overripe cherries, as well as other impurities. The drying process typically lasts from two to three weeks, dependent on weather conditions. During rainy periods and at night, the coffee is shielded with plastic sheeting.

The farm is located in the southern Highlands of Guji, near Kayon Mountain, stretching over 1.5 kilometers and boasting an average altitude of 2050 meters above sea level. The coffee plants thrive amidst a natural rainforest canopy, enhancing the unique qualities of this exceptional coffee.

Varietal : Heirloom
Altitude : 2050 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Shakisso, Guji


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