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Ethiopia - Duwencho G/H/D Bunna Amrach - Black Honey (CoE 2021 #2 Farm)

RM30.00 MYR

"Upon grounding, it release the sweet aroma of peach, lychee, strawberry and bergamot. At first sip, the sweetness of peach juice, lychee gummies and strawberries followed by lemon peel, bergamot and gardenia flower fragrance. It has a thick & smooth texture, similar to yogurt. A rich, round, deep coffee.

The Duwencho G/H/D Bunna Amrach is an alliance formed by 116 coffee farmers in early 2021, situated in Dawancho kebele, Arbegona woreda, nestled within the high-altitude expanse of Arbe Guna zone in the Sidama region. At an average altitude of 2300 masl, this locale cultivates the 74110 coffee variety using organic farming techniques, resulting in a distinctive and aromatic flavor profile.

Founded by Mulugeta Muntasha, a seasoned coffee supplier with 17 years of experience, the union emerged after collaborating with 100 other farmers from Arbegona. Annually, the union yields approximately 60 tons of naturally processed coffee, which is then distributed to local trading houses in Addis Ababa and Hawassa.

With recent adjustments in Ethiopian government regulations permitting traders to move and export coffee without involvement from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), the Duwencho union seizes this opportunity to introduce its microlots and coffee to the global market, showcasing Ethiopia's diverse coffee offerings beyond the renowned Yirgacheffe, Guji, and Sidama varieties.

This coffee undergoes a black honey processing method, relatively uncommon in Ethiopia. Ripe cherries with specific brix values are meticulously chosen to ensure optimal sugar content for processing. Initially, the cherries are sorted through water to remove floaters, followed by depulping to solely remove the skin, leaving a substantial amount of mucilage intact. Subsequently, the beans are laid out on drying beds, presenting challenges in the initial weeks with heightened vigilance required to deter pests and insects. However, diligent care and proper ventilation facilitate the process, culminating in achieving the targeted moisture level. Further manual sorting eliminates any beans affected by pests or mold before hulling and additional sorting procedures.

Variety : 74110
Altitude : 2300 masl
Process : Black Honey
Origin : Duwencho, Arbegona

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