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Ethiopia - Banko Taratu - Hybrid Natural

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, dry aroma features blueberry, grape, peach, and pink floral fragrances. When sipped, you can experience the rich flavors of blueberry jam, concentrated grape juice, and lychee jelly, followed by the emergence of elegant rose floral notes and a subtle violet aroma, creating a captivating blend of floral and fruity flavors."

Gedeb Banko Taratu is situated in the southern part of Ethiopia, specifically in the Gedeb District of Yirgacheffe within the Gedeo zone. It stands out as one of the highest-altitude coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia, with coffee being cultivated and processed at elevations ranging from 1900 to 2300 meters above sea level. This unique terroir, steeped in history and community, deserves special recognition due to its distinct characteristics. Coffees originating from this area, which is closer to Guji than the rest of Yirgacheffe, often exhibit the most vibrant and explosive flavor profiles.

This particular coffee lot comes from the independent Banko Taratu washing station, owned and operated by EDN Coffee Export. EDN Coffee Export manages a total of four different processing sites throughout the southern Gedeo zone. The founder of EDN, Michael Gebreselassie, previously worked as a logistician for a refrigerated transport company in Oakland, a key coffee hub on the West Coast. While in Oakland, he witnessed the growing popularity of Ethiopian coffee and believed that improvements could be made at the farm level. In 2018, Michael left Oakland and established EDN Coffee Export.

The Banko Taratu processing site receives coffee cherries from farms situated as high as 2300 meters above sea level, some of the highest coffee farms in Ethiopia and the world. The cherry sorting process begins with a mechanized optical color sorter, which categorizes the cherries based on preset color criteria. The processing method employed is somewhat unique: for the first 15 to 20 days, the cherries undergo slow drying with shade on African raised beds until they reach a moisture level of 30%. Subsequently, they are sun-dried on elevated African beds until their moisture content reaches 11%. This hybrid approach to natural processing enhances the coffee's floral and fruity flavors.

Variety : Heirloom
Altitude : 2000 to 2300 masl
Process : Hybrid Natural
Origin : Banko Taratu, Gedeb

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