Selection Series #6/2 June 2020

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How does it work?

RM 100 for 4 x 125 Gram of freshly roasted coffee

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Single origin.

Four different origin per month.

All shipment will be fulfilled by DHL and for International Delivery, it will be fulfilled by Fedex.

What are the offers for June?

 a. Colombia, Finca Bet-el Pink Bourbon

 b. Panama, Los Lajones Fermented Yellow Catuai (HiU Boquete)

 c. Ethiopia, Shakiso Mormora G1

 d. Colombia, Finca Monteblanco Purple Caturra


This is a variation of the June selection, we provide an option and replace the Geisha with Pink Bourbon from the same Finca Bet-el! 

Thank you for your support.

By the way, if you decide to add an additional bag, you will automatically get a 13% for the next one additional bag!