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Colombia - Luz Helena Salazar - Fresas Lot

RM37.50 MYR

“This coffee is unique and flavorful. Upon grounding, the dry aroma is strawberry fudge and peach aroma. The main notes upon first sip is strawberry fudge with mild lychee flavor. Then blueberry jam in mid section with mild floral fragrance. The coffee is very sweet and dense in flavor.”

What we have here is a special lot coffee from Luz Helena Salazar. She is the wife of Jairo Arcila and mother of the infamous coffee exporter Cofinet and growers that is owned by Carlos and Filipe Arcila. Carlos and Filipe is the 4th generation of coffee growers. Their family has been planting coffee for the past 80 years with farms located in Quindio, Risalda and Caldas, also known as the Golden Triangle for Coffee or locally known as Eje Cafetero.

Luz Helena Salazar is the matriarch of the Arcila Family. She has been growing coffee for over 30 years and also a lifelong advocate for Colombian grown coffee. Asides from coffee farming, she also manage farms that produce other commodities such as avocados and oranges.

This coffee is produced and processed by Luz Helena. It is a brand-new experimental process which focus on getting the Strawberry notes on the coffee. Hence the name Fresa, strawberry in Spanish. The characteristic of this new experimental is focus right at the cherry stage . The whole cherry is first fermented anaerobically for 72 hours. During the fermentation stage, strawberry and saccharomyces cerevisiae are added to drive the fermentation process to enhance specific flavors. Upon the completion of the fermentation process, the cherry is placed on an African Raised beds for drying process. African raised beds are less common in Colombia where usually coffee is dried on patio due to the climatic factors .

What we have here is a Castillo variety that is planted at 1900 masl. The coffee is planted at Finca Jardines del Eden located at Quindio. Quindio is a mountainous region in Colombia which intersect with the Andes Mountains. Quindio’s economy is mainly based out of coffee harvesting.

Variety : Castillo
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Experimental
Origin : Armenia, Quindio.

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