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Colombia - Finca la Virginia - 200Hrs Extended Fermentation

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"Upon grounding, the coffee has a dry aroma of maraschino cherry, blackberry jam, raisin. At first sip it has a thick maraschino cherry and with pickled pear flavour. In the mid section, raisn and Valhorna Albinao dark chocolate aroma emerge until the end section. The flavour is very strong and solid."

This microlot coffee is produced by an expert processor, Snr Rafael Amaya. His farm is located in Timana, Huila. Huila is a department in South of Bogota which is spanned by the Andes mountain and towering the Nevado Del Huila Volcano. The soil are rich with nutrients from the and the volcano sits at the north of Timana which peaks at 5300 masl. The last erruption occured back in 2008.

Rafael Amaya is no stranger in the coffee world. Known as as a master processor in the extended fermentation of various variety. Since 2014 when he completed his Q-processing course, he grew his interest in the Extended Fermentation process, which he has been continue in perfecting the technique year on year.

At first when he started the main variety that is produced at Finca La Virginia is Castillo and Caturra. He began planting Pink Bourbon in 2016 and mainly work with these three coffee and spend most of his time processing wide variety of microlot and focused mainly on the Extended Fermentation process.

For this microlot, the Caturra varietal is selected. The Coffee is planted at an altitude of 1800 to 2000 masl. During the harvest season, the coffee are handpicked and sorted. Mainly the coffee with peak ripeness were picked. Floaters are removed and only coffee with high density is selected.

The sorted cherry is then fermented aerobically to start the fermentation. Then it is placed in a sealed bags and fermented for 200 hours. Subsequently, it is sundried on African raised beds until it reached the targeted moisture level.

Variety : Caturra
Altitude : 1800-2000 masl
Process : Extended Fermentation 200 hours
Origin: Timana, Huila

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