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Colombia - Finca La Cascada - Yellow Geisha (Unique Varietal)

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"Upon grounding, the dry aroma is bergamot, grapefruit, honey and fresh floral aroma. At first sip, lemon zest, sweet orange, grapes and peach notes. The flavour is mixed with the aroma of longan honey, bergamot, aroma of orange blossom. The taste is smooth and sweet like peach juice. The coffee is sweet, rich and solid."

Finca La Cascada belongs to Mateo Mader, co-founder of Amativo Coffee, along with his brother Felipe Mader. Mateo, a fourth-generation coffee farmer, has been immersed in the industry since his youth. Amativo Coffee serves as a facilitator for smallholder coffee producers, spearheading sustainable projects at the source and providing guidance on technological advancements, plantation management, and processing techniques to enhance the quality of their yields for global markets. With a strong presence globally, Amativo particularly focuses on expanding in the Chinese and Korean markets.

Situated in Giradota near Medellin, Finca La Cascada has been in the family's possession for four generations. Encompassing 20 hectares of land, the farm cultivates various coffee varietals such as Castillo, Tabi, Gesha, Yellow Bourbon, and F7, constantly exploring and cultivating new varieties. Notably, among their offerings is the Yellow Geisha variety, a result of serendipitous discovery. In 2013, seeds of Green Tip Geisha from Panama were planted, yielding some trees with yellow fruits. These cherries were carefully selected, recultivated, and segregated into a distinct lot, giving rise to the Yellow Geisha.

The farm earns its name, Finca La Cascada, from the natural waterfall within its bounds. Situated at a lofty altitude of 1850 meters above sea level, this altitude contributes to the distinctive floral notes characteristic of high-altitude Geisha coffees. The Yellow Honey process is employed for this selection, reminiscent of the CGLE Honey Geisha.

During harvest, only ripe yellow cherries are handpicked and processed through pulping, retaining the fruit's pectin with the seeds before being spread on African drying beds. With ample sunlight, the drying period is expedited, resulting in a clean cup profile. Once the targeted moisture content is achieved, the dried parchment undergoes manual sorting before being stored for two weeks and vacuum-packed for export.

Variety : Yellow Geisha
Altitude: 1850 masl
Process : Yellow Honey
Origin : Giradota, Medellin

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