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Colombia - CGLE - Tres Dragones Potosi

RM45.00 MYR

"The dry fragrance has notes of winey aroma, raisins, longans, and cocoa. The main flavor is a rich and fragrant winey, with hints of blackberry and longan, accompanied by a lingering aftertaste of raisins and cocoa. The taste is solid and full-bodied."

Tres Dragones is a unique and exciting coffee produced by Cafe Granja Las Esperanza, a family-owned coffee farm located in the Cauca region of Colombia. The name Tres Dragones, which means "Three Dragons" in Spanish, comes from the three furnaces that are used to generate the heat for drying the coffees on the Potosi farm. These furnaces have caused quite a bit of excitement in the past, as they sent sparks into the air and caused a fire that burnt the farmhouse down a while back. Despite this setback, the farm has continued to produce exceptional coffee, and Tres Dragones is no exception.
The Potosi farm is a 52-hectare estate, with 34 hectares dedicated to producing the Colombia variety that this lot is comprised of. The coffee plants are grown between 1700 to 2000 masl, which is a prime altitude range for producing high-quality coffee. The Colombia varietal is a commonly found hybrid between Hybrid-de-Timor and Caturra, which has excellent rust resistance and a high yield potential.
During harvest, only the ripest cherries are handpicked, and the coffee is then fermented for 19-22 hours before pulping. After pulping, it is fermented again for an additional 35 hours to further develop its flavor profile. The coffee is then transported to a silo and left to dry for 48 hours before finally being taken to the solar driers, where it will rest for around 15 days. The slow and careful drying process helps to preserve the coffee's unique flavor characteristics and gives it a clean and sweet taste. Finally, the coffee is hulled and sorted to ensure that only defect-free beans are selected.
Apart from the Geishas and Sidras that we have bought from Cafe Granja Las Esperanza, this coffee is one of the most highly sought-after coffees produced by the farm.
Variety : Colombia
Altitude : 1700 to 2000 masl
Process : Natural
Origin: Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca

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