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Colombia - CGLE - Sudan Rume Natural

RM32.50 MYR

"Upon grinding, the dry it has a fragrance of grape, lemongrass, lime, and a hint of mint aroma. Upon first sip, you can sense the rich fragrance of enveloping the flavors of lemongrass and lemon peel, accompanied by a slight cooling sensation of mint herbs. The aftertaste is sweet, reminiscent of honeyed peaches and pineapple. The coffee is bright, juicy, and full, showcasing unique varietal characteristics."

Sudan Rume, an ancient variety, originates from what is now known as South Sudan's Boma Plateau, not far from the Ethiopian borders. This variety still grows naturally in the forests throughout the Boma Plateau. Presently, it is primarily cultivated for its genetic material, which is used in hybrids due to its remarkable resistance to issues like leaf rust. It has been extensively used in breeding to create hybrid trees that yield more fruit while retaining its prized flavor characteristics.

From a commercial standpoint, this variety is characterized by its low yield and sensitivity, making it a challenging crop to cultivate. The Sudan Rume we have here is a Colombian-bred variant from the renowned Granja Esperanza.

This particular coffee is cultivated at an elevation of 1780 meters above sea level (masl) and is processed using the natural process method. Careful hand-picking of the Sudan Rume cherries takes place during peak harvest to ensure uniform ripening. After harvesting, the cherries undergo fermentation with the cherry for 19-22 hours. Subsequently, they are pulped without water and fermented with mucilage for an additional 35 hours. Following the fermentation process, the coffee is dried slowly on solar dryers for 28 days and stored for at least 3 months to achieve stabilization and reduce astringency.

We possess only a very limited quantity of this coffee, sourced from the Herrera Brothers.

Variety : Sudan Rume
Altitude : 1780 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Las Magaritas, Valle de Cauca

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