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Colombia - Paraiso 92 - Unique Varietal Collection

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Stripe Bourbon Taste Profile
“Upon grinding, the coffee's dry aroma reveals hints of ripe peaches, black tea, and vanila floral aroma. When you take a sip, it prominently delivers the essence of vanila milk tea, enhanced by subtle nuances of rose, concluding with a sparkling finish that carries a touch of lemon zest in the aftertaste.”

Sidra Taste Profile
"Upon grounding, it has an aromatic blend of guava, strawberry, peach, and the gentle allure of roses. The initial taste is reminiscent of fragrant rose milk tea and strawberry yogurt. As it cools, the guava notes become more pronounced, merging into a creamy richness akin to pistachios, highlighting a buttery mouthfeel. Its floral and unique , emphasizing its distinct varietal characteristics." 

The Producer
Located in Pendiamo, Cauca, Paraiso 92 stands as a testament to the confluence of tradition and innovation in the world of coffee. This family-operated farm has garnered accolades for its eclectic coffee selection. Groundbreaking farming practices, encompassing terracing, drip irrigation, shading, and intricate nutritional oversight, converge to offer coffee aficionados a distinctive tasting experience.

Guiding the farm's evolution is Wilton Benitez. From his initial endeavors as a chemical engineer to now being an accomplished coffee cultivator and processor, Wilton’s 26-year journey in the coffee industry has been marked by a relentless quest for innovation in technology, biotechnology, and machinery. His dedication is the cornerstone ensuring the unparalleled quality of Paraiso 92's coffee year after year.

The farm's milling operations, resting at elevations ranging from 1700 to 1900 meters above sea level, transcend traditional practices. Under Wilton's aegis, the mill metamorphoses into a realm resembling a scientific research hub, with a laser focus on refining coffee processing techniques to extract peerless flavors.

Paraiso 92 currently showcases three distinguished coffee variants: Striped Bourbon, Java, and Sidra. Each is cultivated and processed uniquely, emphasizing the diverse flavor profiles. The specific cherry dimensions play a pivotal role during fermentation, while tailored microbial cultures during processing spotlight selected notes.

Coffee Varietals Description
Striped Bourbon:
Emerging from Colombia's vast coffee terrain, this variety is a natural genetic deviation from the classic bourbon. Characterized by the unique striations on the coffee cherries, it initially piqued interest due to its altered foliage pattern and asynchronous cherry ripening schedules. Analytical insights, however, spotlight its potential, with a coffee profile rich in floral undertones complemented by an unparalleled sweetness.

Catapulted to fame post its use by the 2019 Korean Barista Champion, Jooyeon Jeon, Sidra is a captivating blend of the Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. It tantalizes the palate with flavors akin to Ethiopian brews but packs an additional sugary punch, owing to its heightened carbohydrate content. While its precise genetic lineage remains a subject of debate, its taste remains unmistakably distinctive.

In-depth Processing Protocols at Paraiso 92:
Preliminary Cleaning and Sorting: Every cherry is meticulously hand-picked at its ripest. To ensure the utmost quality, they undergo sterilization through ozone-infused water and UV exposure, eliminating potential bacterial threats. A calibrated sorting mechanism categorizes them based on sugar (brix) content, density, and specific variety.

Detailed Fermentation:
Striped Bourbon & Java: Here, a two-pronged fermentation strategy is employed. Initially, the Saccharomyces Pastorianus yeast is introduced. Post this phase, the coffee’s intrinsic mucilage yeast is harnessed for a second 48-hour fermentation bout, with controlled oxygen levels during the concluding hours to fine-tune the process.
Sidra: Adopting the "Koji Process," cherries are ensconced in a bioreactor and inoculated with Aspergillus Oryzae (Koji). This microbial intervention converts starches into simpler sugars, elevating the coffee's inherent sweetness over a 60-hour fermentation cycle.

ThermalShock Treatment:
An ingenious post-fermentation procedure, it entails initially bathing cherries in 40°C water, followed by a quick immersion in cooler 12°C water. This rapid temperature shift minimizes oxidation potential during subsequent drying stages.

Drying & Post-Processing:
Shunning direct sun drying, Paraiso 92 employs mechanical dryers to ensure a consistent drying profile. Once the optimal moisture content is achieved, the coffee is stored in silos for a rest period of 8 weeks. Ensuring long-term freshness, the coffee is then vacuum-sealed, prepped for its journey to global destinations.

Coffee Details
Variety : Striped Bourbon
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Double Anaerobic & Thermoshock
Origin : Pendiamo, Cauca

Variety : Sidra
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Koji + Thermoshock
Origin : Pendiamo, Cauca

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