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Nicaragua - Finca Meirisch - Escondida - Laurina Natural

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"Upon grounding, the dry aroma consist of scents of orange, mango, berries and toffee. At first sip, it offers a very juicy flavour reminiscent of cranberry juice, red currants, accompanied by hints of mango, toffee with a lingering berry after taste. The taste is very bright and juicy."

Finca Escondida is one of the fourteen farms owned by the Mierisch family and is situated in the small town of Lipululo. The name "Escondida" translates from Spanish to English as "hidden" because the farm is concealed from view by the forest and trees, giving it the appearance of blending seamlessly into the side of the mountain.

The total size of the farm is 70 hectares, featuring a variety of coffee plants, including Red Catuai, Javanica, Yellow Pacamara, and Laurina. The farm's elevation ranges from 975 to 1230 meters above sea level. Finca Escondida is one of the newer additions to the Mierisch family's portfolio, with its first coffee tree planted as recently as 2007.

Laurina varietal, known for its rarity and naturally low caffeine content. Laurina is a dwarf form of bourbon originally from the island of Reunion. It was introduced to Reunion Island by the French Mission from the Port of Mokha. Typically, arabica coffee contains approximately 1.2% caffeine, whereas the Laurina variety boasts a significantly lower caffeine content, at just 0.45%. Unfortunately, the Laurina variety has nearly disappeared, as it was more profitable to cultivate sugarcane in the mid-1800s.

The processing method for this coffee is "natural." During harvest, selective picking is conducted at the farm. Not all cherries at the farm matures at the same time, and each lot is processed differently. Prior to the picking, the brix of the cherry is analyzed and have to meet a certain sugar value before it is picked. The picked cherries is then placed on a raised beds and dried for 4 weeks or until it reache the 11% moisture level. After that, the coffee is dehulled at the main farm and mechanically sorted and manually sorted before it is rested and vacuum packed.

Variety : Laurina
Altituded : 1100 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Lipululo, Jinotega

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