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Costa Rica - Finca Las Lajas - Villa Sarchi Natural

RM47.50 MYR

"Dry aroma carries scents of blackberry, grape, and raisins. Upon tasting, it presents rich flavors of blackberry, grape, and dried mango, accompanied by a subtle scent of tipsy wine. Towards the end, there are hints of raisins and dark chocolate aroma, resulting in a strong and robust characther."

Since 1936, the Chacón family has cultivated coffee on Finca Las Lajas, situated on the slopes of Volcán Poas in Costa Rica. Oscar assumed management of the farm in the early 1990s and transformed it into a renowned brand known for its exceptional quality and willingness to take innovative and entrepreneurial risks. By 2000, Finca Las Lajas had become Costa Rica's first organic coffee plantation.

In 1995, Oscar and his wife Francisca, who oversee operations, faced a pivotal moment when Oscar's father succumbed to cancer. Suspecting that the chemicals stored beneath their living quarters and commonly used on the farm contributed to his father's illness, they promptly prohibited their usage at Las Lajas. Transitioning to eco-friendly and sustainable organic methods became imperative, requiring five years to rehabilitate the soil and overhaul the entire agricultural system.

Additionally, the family invested in a pioneering micro mill, setting new ecological benchmarks. They oversee every aspect from seed selection and agronomy to processing, tasting, grading, and dry milling. Finca Las Lajas also implements a comprehensive waste recycling system, converting all waste into fertilizer using proprietary fermentation techniques.

Francisca, responsible for coffee processing, has crafted unique artisanal coffees through her curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. By meticulously using a Brix sugar-meter and conducting extensive experimentation, she has developed drying processes on raised African-style beds that yield various levels and types of sweetness in the coffee as it dries in its mucilage.

For this particular lot, coffee cherries are selected based on their sugar content and then placed on drying beds for 12-22 days until reaching the desired humidity level. Subsequently, the cherries are transferred to the dry mill for further processing and sorted manually and mechanically before being rested and packed for export. The end result is an organic coffee distinguished by its sweetness, syrupy texture, and pronounced bouquet of ripe fruit flavors.

Varietal : Villa Sarchi
Altitude : 1700 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Volcan Poas

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