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Colombia - Finca El Paraiso - Diego Samuel Tapia Selection

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After 10 years of farming coffee, Diego Samuel coffee was part of the Colombian COE in 2018. His coffee was ranked at #10 for his washed bourbon scoring 89.76 points. Known for his expertise in modulating coffee notes, he has been producing high quality coffee from the Finca El Paraiso.

El Paraiso is a family operation. Led by Diego Samuel, his family have been working together to create a high quality coffee. The project started back in 2008, in an abandon family farm in Cauca in the municipality of Piendamo, Los Arados. He began to participate in regional contest where he won many prizes. With the regional recognition, he began to pursue and achieve international recognition in producing excellent coffees for the world market.

He has been producing various varietal in his farm. This include, Bourbon, Laurina, Gesha, Castillo and Colombiano variety.

What we have here in these selection a 3 types of the same variety but processed differently. These processing remains a secret and the processing is being done by a company called INDESTEC. These processing method is considered to be high tech using a a Eco-Enigma processing equipment. Snr Diego sits in the board of director of INDESTEC. These technological advancement has managed for Finca El Paraiso to create a consistent cup of his great profile from his farm year by year.

What we have here are the

  • Double Anaerobic -Tropical
  • Double Anaerobic - Floral Spices
  • Double Anaerobic – Lychee
  • Double Anaerobic - Poppymint
  • Double Aneroobic - Rose Te

Typically the Double Anaerobic process is per the following – The coffee is first fermented for 48 hours in an a tank with relief valve at 18c, then the coffee is pulped and fermented further for 96 hours at 18c. The fermented coffee is then washed with a 40c water, to create a thermic shock. It is then washed for the second time using water with a temperature of 12c.  The coffee is then dried using a mechanical drier for 34 hours at 35c with a humidity of 25% until the beans reach the 10-11% moisture.

There are unknown variables for the above 3 coffee such as the fermentation period, water temperature during fermentation and others. This has created a truly distinctive results in the same Castillo beans that is used from the El Paraiso farm.

In the cup, the following are the  notes obtained

Double Anaerobic – Tropical (Experimental Protocol)

The dry fragrance is tropical fruit, papaya milk, berry yogurt, peach and cheesecake. You can feel the rich flavor at the entrance. Melon milk and tropical fruit yogurt, accompanied by peach, strawberry and strawberry cheesecake, taste like a fruit smoothie. Full & charming aroma.

Double Anaerobic – Floral Spices (Experimental Protocol)

It has a tangy aroma of star anise, cardamom, cloves and orange peel. It is also served with fragrant cardamom, star anise, cloves, etc.The spice flavor is the main axis, accompanied by the sweet and sour berries and orange juice, the flavor is distinct and unique.

Double Anaerobic – Lychee (Experimental Protocol)

The dry fragrance is sweet lychee, peach, strawberry milkshake and rose fragrance. Sip with sweet roses, lychees and Water Honey Peach and strawberry milk are intertwined, with the sweetness and fullness of fruit jelly, which is amazing and wonderful.

Double Anaerobic – Poppy Mint (Experimental Protocol)

The dry aroma is fresh mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus and ginger. The front part of the entrance is dominated by strong mint and eucalyptus.The taste is followed by the flavors of lemongrass, lemon zest, and orange peel. The end has the aroma and sweetness of ginger ale.

Double Anaerobic – Rose Te (Experimental Protocol)

The dry aroma is sweet strawberry, peach, lychee, rose and orange blossom. When you sip it, it's like a charming cup of rose nectar. It is then accompanied by lychee, peach juice, orange peel and pink-toned floral fragrance. The delicate rose aroma runs throughout. The coffee is sweet and juicy,

Variety : Castillo

Altitude : 1930 masl

Processing : Experimental Protocol

Origin : Pendiamo, Cauca

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