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Ethiopia - Refisa - Extended Fermentation Washed

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, sweet and fragrant with notes of peach, lychee, bergamot, and florals. Upon the first taste, it reveals intense flavors of ripe peach gummies and lychee, followed by hints of bergamot, lemon custard, and gardenia flower fragrance. The aftertaste carries a hint of lemon peel and jasmine, offering a sweet and full-bodied flavor with rich and varied layers."

Refisa Washing Station is situated in the lesser-known West Arsi district of southern Ethiopia. The name "Refisa" is derived from one of the local communities that supply coffee to the station. This specific lot of coffee is the result of contributions from 742 smallholder farmers residing in the towns of Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, and Riripa. The coffee is typically grown at altitudes ranging from 2000 to 2100 meters above sea level in these villages. These small-scale farmers deliver ripe coffee cherries to the washing station, where they undergo the processes of fermentation, washing, and drying.

Negusse Deleba and his company SNAP are the proud owners and operators of Refisa. SNAP manages multiple washing stations across southern Ethiopia, including those in renowned coffee-growing regions such as Chelelektu in the Kochere District of the Gedeo Zone. Additionally, SNAP partners with washing stations in Uraga, Guji, and Nensebo.

The washed processing method employed at Refisa involves the thorough removal of both the cherry and the mucilage from the outer layer of the coffee parchment. This lot follows the typical Ethiopian processing approach, which includes a lengthy and carefully controlled fermentation stage after the cherries are pulped. Parchment coffee is fermented underwater, a process that slows down the temperature increase associated with fermentation. This allows for an extended fermentation period of up to 60 hours, resulting in a coffee with a soft and intricate flavor profile.

Variety : Dega & Wolisho
Altitude : 2000-2100 masl
Process : Extended Fermentation Washed
Origin : Refisa, West Arsi

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