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El Salvador - Los Pirineos Pacamara Series - Sasa Sestic Collection

RM82.50 MYR

Lot 290 Taste Profile
"Upon grounding, you can sense the fragrance of raisin, blackberries, and grapes. At the forefront of the palate, blackberrries, raisin, and grapes are dominant. In midsection and late stage, the flavour gradually transitions into mango and blueberry jam. In the aftertaste, you can detect the aroma of dark berries and wine, with a strong and full-bodied flavour."

Lot 299 Taste Profile
“Upon grounding, the coffee exudes a dry scent of honeyed pineapple, sweet orange, and bergamot. The initial taste reveals notes of honey pineapple, candied orange, and Fuji apple, enriched by the sweet fragrance of Longan Honey nectar. This coffee is characterized by itssweetness, intricate flavor profile, and layered complexity.”

Lot 205 Taste Profile
Upon grounding, you can sense the aroma of rum, raisin and cherries. At first sip, the predominant notes are blackberries and pear accompanied by hints of pear and a touch of dried apricot, It finishes with the aroma of California raisin, delivering a bold and intense Pacamara classic flavour profile"

It's been quite some time since we last procured coffee from Los Pirineos, with our most recent purchase dating back to 2021 prior to the passing of Gilberto Barona, renowned for his skill in processing Pacamara and Elite Bourbon varieties.

Now, the 130-year-old farm is entrusted to his son, Diego Barona. While studying in Barcelona, Diego faced a crucial decision: whether to sell the family legacy or uphold it. At 25 years old, he bravely opted to return to El Salvador and embrace the role of a coffee farmer.

After three years of learning and consulting with the existing team, Diego, demonstrating remarkable leadership, has successfully assumed his father's mantle. He's become a proficient coffee processor, adept at manipulating the farm's coffee quality.

Over the past two seasons, he's honed various experimental coffee processing techniques. Like his father, he's visionary and has a clear trajectory for the farm's future.

The farm, situated atop the Tecapa Volcano in Chinameca, is christened Los Pirineos for its resemblance to the Pyrenees Mountains, symbolically dividing Honduras and El Salvador. Its location on volcanic soil ensures fertility, enhancing its renown for Pacamara coffee, celebrated at the Cup of Excellence auction.

Presently, we offer three distinct Pacamara coffee cultivars, each processed differently. This processing methodology is a collaborative effort between Sasa Sestic of Project Origin and Diego Barona under the "CM Selections" flagship
a. Carbonic Macerated Indigo Lot 290
b. Carbonic Macerated Jasper Lot 299
c. Carbonic Macerated Honey Jasper Lot 205

The selection comprises the Carbonic Macerated Experimental Series, developed by Project Origin across various countries. It began with CM washed and CM natural processes, and in 2023, CM honey was introduced.

In the carbonic maceration process, only perfectly ripe cherries are selected, hand-sorted, and floated to remove imperfections. For CM natural coffee, the sorted cherries are sealed in temperature and humidity-controlled tanks and flushed with carbon dioxide to eliminate oxygen. They're then placed on raised beds for 30 days.

Alternatively, for CM Honey, cherries are pulped post-fermentation, leaving a thick mucilage on the beans, which are dried on raised beds. Once reaching the desired moisture level, beans are stored in dried cherry pods within grain-pro bags to enhance flavor and moisture stability under controlled conditions. Following the stabilization process, coffee is meticulously selected based on density, size, shape, and color, vacuum-sealed, and prepared for export.

Variety : Pacamara
Altitude :1300- 1600 masl
Process : CM Series
Origin : Tecapa Volcan, Chinameca

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