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Costa Rica - IMPERIOROJO - Catuai Negra

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"Upon grounding, the dry aroma exudes the scents of passion fruit, mango, strawberry and delicate wine notes. At first sip, it showcases the prominent flavour of tropical fruits such as passion fruit and mango, complemented by the undertones of grapes, blackberry and fruity wine. It finish with the lingering aroma of raisin, delivering a strong and robust flavour profile."

Imperio Rojo is a renowned name in the realm of coffee, nestled in the Chirripó mountains, one of the highest coffee-growing regions comparable to the elevations of Ethiopian coffee, ranging between 2000 to 2200 meters above sea level (masl). At the summit of Chirripó, which stands at 3820 masl, one can behold both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on a clear day.

Jose Alvarado Abarca, a seasoned figure in coffee production, inherited farmland from his grandfather in 2010 and established Imperio Rojo. Here, they cultivate and process their coffee on-site. Their micromill boasts drying beds, milling, and hulling facilities. This venture began in 2014 when Jose and his wife embarked on the journey to open their own mill. This strategic investment reduced production costs and enhanced the quality of their coffee.

The name Imperio Rojo derives from a towering tree species abundant in the farm's vicinity. The coffee plants are predominantly shaded and grown at high altitudes, where cherries take longer to mature and reach harvest readiness. At these elevations, cherry ripeness is discerned by its color. Instead of the usual bright red, ripe cherries tend towards a darker hue, approaching maroon, hence referred to as "Negra," as they are picked at this stage.

What sets apart Imperio Rojo's offerings is their high-altitude coffee processed naturally. During harvesting, cherries are selectively picked based on their color. Subsequently, they are laid out on drying beds for sun-drying. The extended drying period at high altitudes imbues the beans with a robust and intense flavor profile, devoid of overpowering funky notes.

Variety : Catuai
Altitude :2000 to 2200 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Pierdas, Chirippo

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