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Colombia - Paraiso 92 - Pink Bourbon (Coffee Review #1 2023)

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"Upon grounding, it has a sweet lemon peel aroma, rose and tropical fruit yogurt. At first sip, it exhibit a distinct flavour of lemon yellow cake, peach and sweet taste of ripe lychee. In mid-section, notes of mango yogurt, bergamot and rose tea emerge and continue till the end, creating a sweet and delicate flavour profile."

In 2023, Paraiso 92's coffee was awarded the title of Best Coffee of 2023 by the prestigious CoffeeReview, achieving an impressive score of 98 points for its Pink Bourbon variety.

Paraiso 92, a family-operated coffee farm, is acclaimed for its wide range of coffee varieties. The farm utilizes innovative techniques such as terracing, drip irrigation, shading, and precise nutritional management to craft a unique coffee experience. Leading the farm is Wilton Benitez, a former chemical engineer who transitioned into a successful coffee grower and processor. With over 26 years of industry experience, Wilton's dedication to technology, biotechnology, and advanced equipment ensures the production of consistently high-quality coffee year after year.

Located in Pendiamo, Cauca, at elevations ranging from 1700 to 1900 meters above sea level, Paraiso Farm operates a mill that resembles a scientific laboratory. This setup reflects Wilton's meticulous approach to overseeing intricate coffee processing techniques to produce exceptional flavors. Every phase, from cultivation and selection to washing, fermentation, and drying, is managed with precise criteria, stringent parameters, and specialized equipment, resulting in consistently high quality coffee.

The Pink Bourbon coffee is notable for its unique pink berries, a result of crossbreeding yellow and red Bourbon varieties by farmers in Huila, Colombia. Besides its distinctive color, Pink Bourbon is more resistant to leaf rust compared to its yellow and red counterparts.

The process begins with careful hand-picking of ripe cherries and the removal of underripe ones. The cherries are then sterilized with ozone-infused water and exposed to UV rays on a conveyor belt to eliminate surface bacteria and microorganisms. They are sorted based on brix (sugar content), density, and coffee variety. Saccharomyces Pastorianus yeast cultures are cultivated to aid fermentation. This controlled fermentation occurs in a bioreactor at a steady 18°C. Following fermentation, the cherries are pulped using a customized pulper designed to minimize water use. A second fermentation lasts for 48 hours at 21°C, relying on the natural yeast in the coffee's mucilage, with oxygen introduced during the final 4 hours to expedite the process.

The fermented coffee beans undergo a Thermal Shock Method, involving immersion in water at 40°C followed by 12°C. This method sanitizes the cherries, preventing further fermentation and preserving the sugars from the initial fermentations while preventing excessive oxidation that could affect the flavor profile.

The cherries are mechanically dried within 48 hours using eco-friendly equipment that recovers released water. The coffee is then stored in airtight bags for 15 days before sensory analysis. After rigorous manual sorting and grading, the coffee is vacuum-sealed and prepared for export, ensuring that freshness and quality are maintained throughout the process.

Variety : Pink Bourbon,
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Double Anaerobic Thermoshock
Origin : Pendiamo, Cauca

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