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Colombia - Nestor Lasso - Unique Varietal Series

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Sidra Taste Note
"Upon grinding, it reveals the sweet aroma of peaches, strawberries and roses. At first sip it is dominated by the flavour of peach jelly and peach gummies. In mid section sweet and tart orange juice sensation with hints of bergamot and elegant sweetness aroma of roses."

Geisha Taste Note
"Upon grinding, it reveals the scent of lemongrass, floral notes and peach. At first sip, it is mainly dominated by lemongrass, bergamot and white floral notes, accompanied by hints of freshly peel orange zest and a touch of honey ginger tea aroma. A distinctively fresh and clear flavor."

Aji Bourbon Taste Note
"Upon grounding, it has aroma of lemongrass, bergamot and a touch of peach yogurt. At first sip, its dominated by the flavour of peach yogurt, lemongrass and bergamot. It is complemented by notes of lychee with a subtle/mild rose aroma, exhibiting a sweet and delicate coffee."

What we have here are threee exotic varietal series from Nestor Lasso of Finca El Diviso. The threee variety are:
a. Sidra
b. Geisha
c. Aji Bourbon

Nestor Lasso, a 24-year-old coffee farmer, and his brother Adrian have brought a significant transformation to their family's 14-hectare farm. They are the third generation of coffee growers in their family but have shifted their focus from producing a large quantity of coffee to emphasizing its quality. This shift has made coffee farming sustainable and dignified for them.

Their commitment to producing micro-lots and refining their coffee-making processes has gained global recognition. Their coffee has been acclaimed in international competitions, sought after by coffee roasters, and has significantly improved their overall quality of life. Nestor and Adrian are part of a growing movement of young coffee enthusiasts in coffee-producing countries. They see coffee not just as a crop but as a way of life that aligns with the global demand for environmentally friendly, high-quality coffee while providing a dignified livelihood for farmers. These are the core principles of specialty coffee.

The El Diviso farm, located in Bruselas, southwest Colombia, in the Huila coffee region, benefits from an elevation ranging from 1,750 to 1,800 meters. These conditions are ideal for cultivating specialty coffee.

Catapulted to fame post its use by the 2019 Korean Barista Champion, Jooyeon Jeon, Sidra is a captivating blend of the Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. It tantalizes the palate with flavors akin to Ethiopian brews but packs an additional sugary punch, owing to its heightened carbohydrate content. While its precise genetic lineage remains a subject of debate, its taste remains unmistakably distinctive.

Is a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopia, though it is now grown in several other nations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It is widely known for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes.

Aji Bourbon
Bourbon Aji, became accessible in 2023. It brought to the attention during the 2021 Colombian CoE where this variety was ranked at #6 by Jose Salazar from La Gauca scoring 89.32. This Ají variety, unlike the ancestral coffee seeds brought to the Americas centuries ago, still puzzles experts regarding its origin. The term "ají," typically used for chili peppers in South America, was given to this coffee variety by José Salazar, a coffee farmer from Huila, Colombia. He noticed a spicy pepper-like fragrance during the harvesting process. After the CoE, genetic research revealed that these plants were not of known Colombian lineage but might be linked to rare Ethiopian landrace varieties. Surprisingly, they weren't even Bourbon, as initially thought. Nevertheless, the name "bourbon" stuck.

Processing Philosophy and Protocol

For this selection, only ripe cherries are carefully selected and placed in a water-filled tank. Any floaters are removed, and only the high-density coffee beans are chosen. The cherries are then cleaned using a special formulation to eliminate impurities and bacteria. Next, the cherries undergo a 24-hour oxidation process to enhance the fruity flavors within the pulp, ultimately increasing the cherry's sweetness. After this, the cherries are depulped and move on to the next fermentation phase. Initially, the natural juice released by the coffee cherry is removed. Then, it is transferred to a bioreactor to ensure that the mixture of coffee and yeast generated during fermentation becomes more consistent. Following that, a hot thermal shock process is applied to seal the coffee seed pores and minimize the loss of volatile compounds during further processing. The cherries are then dried in a mechanical dryer to prevent any additional fermentation and ensure consistency from batch to batch. Once dried, the coffee is stored in a hermetic bag for two weeks before it undergoes sorting and packaging.

Coffee Details

Variety : Sidra
Altitude : 1750 masl
Process :Hot Thermal Shock Washed
Origin : Bruselas, Huila

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1750 masl
Process : Hot Thermal Shock Washed
Origin : Bruselas, Huila

Variety : Aji Bourbon
Altitude : 1750 masl
Process : Hot Thermal Shock Washed
Origin : Bruselas, Huila

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