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With the introduction of our new optical sorting system, we now implement a dual-phase sorting process for our coffee beans. The first sorting occurs during the initial stage when the beans are still in their green state. The second sorting takes place post-roasting. Both sorting phases are primarily based on color attributes, following preset parameters.

Beans that fail to meet the specified color criteria are combined into a distinct blend. This particular blend comprises coffee beans from various sources, encompassing multinational origins, multiple varieties, diverse processing methods, and varying altitudes. The resulting union of coffee's showcases a range of flavors, ranging from exceptionally floral to intensely fruity and exquisitely sweet. Hence, we call it Fireworks.

To address the challenge of accurately determining precise tasting notes due to the blend's complexity, we opt for a slightly darker roast profile. This roast profile not only streamlines the brewing process, especially when using automated machines, but also enhances the inherent sweetness of the coffee.

Furthermore, a secondary sorting phase is conducted after the roasting process. This phase serves to meticulously remove any quaker beans, thereby elevating the overall quality of the tasting experience.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend brewing this coffee blend as an espresso. However, it's worth noting that experimenting with a higher coffee-to-water ratio during the pour-over brewing method can offer an enlightening and unique perspective on the blend's intricate flavors.

Variety : Multivariety Arabica
Altitude : 1100 to 2200 masl
Process : Mix
Origin : Multinational

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