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Colombia - Finca Milan - Loco Series - April

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Upon Grounding, In the dry aroma, you can sense the presence of lychee, peach, and floral notes. As you take a sip, the dominant flavors feature peach juice and lychee aromas, accompanied by hints of strawberry and delicate rose, creating a sweet and juicy taste. Elegant coffee."

Julio Madrid's Finca Milán is situated in Vereda El Hogar within the municipality of Pereira, part of Colombia’s Risaralda coffee-growing region. The farm lies close to the Los Nevados Natural National Park, a vast 58,300-hectare reserve encompassing the northern volcanic complex, including the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Finca Milán is perched at 1,600 meters above sea level, experiencing year-round temperatures between 18–28°C, which create an ideal climate for cultivating high-quality coffee. The farm grows several coffee varieties such as Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Catiope, Pink Bourbon, and Red Bourbon.

Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés, a third-generation coffee producer, has devoted himself to the production of premium coffee. His commitment has driven him to cultivate relatively rare coffee varieties in Colombia, known for their complex flavor profiles, including Sudan Rume, Yirgacheffe, Laurina, and others. Julio's daughter, Maria Antonia Madrid, a biologist, has conducted research on the organoleptic effects of using microbial starter cultures in coffee fermentation, assisting Julio in refining his processing techniques.

This particular lot features the Caturra variety, processed with bacterial culture, fresh peaches, and sealed fermentation in stainless steel tanks before undergoing a washing process. Initially, data such as density and Brix levels are collected, and pre-harvest cultured fungus is prepared using peeled coffee cherries mixed with selected fresh fruits. The fruit, pureed to meet the enzyme's nutritional requirements, in this case, fresh peaches, is selected.

Upon picking the coffee cherry, the embryo inside the seed initiates a metabolic process to prepare for germination, raising the temperature and causing fluid exchange within the cherry due to the embryo's energy needs. To manage this, the cherries are first cooled in a water tank at 8-10 degrees Celsius. After cooling, they are placed in a bag for 10 to 12 hours, encouraging a rapid temperature rise that activates bacteria on the cherries and in the environment, which break down carbohydrates into sugars, further increasing the temperature and setting the stage for controlled fermentation.

The cherries then undergo anaerobic fermentation in tanks with prepared cultures of yeasts and bacteria earlier, lasting 6 to 8 days. This fermentation process breaks down sugars and other compounds in the coffee, leading to the development of unique flavors. After fermentation, the coffee is depulped to remove the fruit layer and sun-dried for 15-20 days on African raised beds, spread in thin layers to prevent fungal growth and ensure even moisture loss. Finally, the dried coffee is stored in bags for a 30-day stabilization process, which ensures consistent moisture content and enhances the coffee's flavors.

Variety : Caturra
Altitude : 1700 masl
Process : MultiStage Fermentation With Fruit Culture
Origin : Pereira, Risalda

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