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Selection Series #50 - August 2024

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Hi Friend,

I hope everyone is doing well. For our August selection, we've curated a series of high-quality coffees for your enjoyment. This month's list features top-producing farms from Panama, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Ecuador. Our goal is to offer exceptional clarity in flavor, as all four coffees are processed using various washed methods, including anaerobic and fermentation stages, culminating in a washed process.

Let's start with the coffee from Finca Milan. This coffee undergoes a multistage process with fruit inoculation, using peach as a medium for fermentation before being washed. The result is a very aromatic and flavorful profile, reminiscent of watermelon gum. Next, we have the Panamanian coffee from Hacienda Esmeralda. This coffee is grown at the El Velo estate and is a collection of 400 different Ethiopian coffee varieties planted since 2007. Throughout the years, these Ethiopian varieties have been crossbred with others at Hacienda Esmeralda to develop new breeds for future cultivation. Annually, 1500kg of these Ethiopian Accession beans are harvested and processed using a washed method.

Following this is the Ecuadorian coffee. It’s been a while since we've sourced coffee from Ecuador, as it typically ends up in the North American market. What we have is the National Winner Selection #17 from the Ecuadorian COE 2024. This Sidra variety, native to Ecuador, differs from the Colombian Sidra, which often undergoes experimental processing. The anaerobic washed process results in a clean and sweet coffee.

Lastly, we present a Baby Geisha variety, an underscreen selection of the Gesha variety. Grown in the Bench Maji region, where Gesha coffee originates, this washed coffee offers the classic Gesha flavor with a sweet and delicate taste.

Information of the coffee can be found here
a. Panama Hacienda Esmeralda 
b. Colombia Finca Milan
c. Ecuador Finca La Marquesa
d. Ethiopia Bench Maji Baby Gesha

The August Selection will be delivered on the 31st of July 2024.

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