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Brazil - Capricornio Signature - Dulce

RM42.50 MYR

"The dry scent of this coffee features a blend of citrusy, blackberry, and toffee aromas. When tasted, the palate is met with the delightful flavors of orange peel, raspberry, and a subtle hint of strawberry, complemented by a creamy and smooth texture. The finish of this sweet coffee is characterized by notes of biscuit, nut, and caramel."

Capricornio Coffees' Signature line comprises 15 carefully selected coffee blends, designed by Edgard, José Antônio, and Luiz Roberto, the directors of the company, and validated by the Quality Control team. Typically, the blend consists of a combination of Brazilian pulped natural and natural process green beans to create consistent taste profiles year after year. The goal is to provide not only high-quality coffee but also consistent taste profiles, which is why they named it "Dulce Signature."

Capricornio Coffee was founded to revive coffee production in the five southern regions of Parana and Sao Paolo, which experienced a devastating frost in the 1960s that affected local producers for several years. While farmers in Minas Gerais up north thrived, most coffee producers in Parana and Sao Paolo invested heavily in developing new farms in Minas, leaving their Parana and Sao Paolo farms underdeveloped.

Now, with the climate changing again, the region is becoming attractive to farmers again, but few people recognize the specialty potential of these regions. Capricornio Coffee has identified this potential and has developed seven categories of coffee offerings from the Sao Paolo state: Microlots, Estate, Boutiques, Collective, Varietals, Exclusive, and Signature.

The Dulce Signature series is part of their Signature line and is a blend of Yellow Bourbon and Catuai processed as Pulp Natural and Natural. Each year, the Dulce selection is made up of a different blend from different farms and processes. The curators of the blend aim to achieve consistent taste profiles year after year, with a nutty aroma, sweetness, juicy flavor, and a long caramel aftertaste. This coffee is best enjoyed black or brewed with milk.

Variety : Multivariety
Altitude : 900-1100 masl
Process : PN&N (Pulp Natural x Natural)
Origin : Paraná and São Paulo

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