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Kenya - Teremuka Estate Single Variety

RM45.00 MYR

"Upon grounding, the coffee reveals aroma of blackberry, blackcurrant, and a hint of cedar. At first sip, the flavour is dominated by blackcurrant and blackberry with undertones of roselle with a touch of cedar creating a deep and rich experience."

Nakuru County is located in the southern stretch of Nairobi. It sits at a very high altitude plateau of 1850 masl and this creates an ideal condition for growing quality coffee.

Teremuka Estate is a 110-hectare coffee estate managed via a cooperative model, by numerous shareholders. The main shareholders is Mwahota Ikai Co. Ltd or known as MAKWA since 1978 and since then the farm has expanded to 110 hectares producing over 800 MT of cherry annually. Its high production is nourished by the River Olabaniata

At Teremuka, the harvest is done manually. During peak season, seasonal pickers is hired to handpick the ripe cherries early during the day. For the pulping process, clean water from Olabaniata River is pour in the pulping hopper, funneling the cherries through a chute into the pulping hopper, funnelling the cherries into the pulping chamber. The beans are fermented overnight and have to pass a quality test by the mill manager before it is washed. Once it is washed the beans are sorted with a density test and sundried on the raised beds for 10 to 15 days.

With the strict quality exercise and rigorous quality standards, this high altitude Kenyan coffee exhibits bright, lively and complex acidity.

Variety : SL 28
Altitude : 1850 masl
Process : Kenyan Washed
Origin : Nakuru County

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