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Indonesia - CATUR Kamala Selection by Mikael Jasin

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Catur is a collective of coffee selected by the Indonesian Barista Champion, Mikael Jasin. Under his initiative, #agentsofchange Om Mikael has been working closely with top farmers in Indonesia with aim to raise the bar for Indonesian coffee industry and to bring out the potential of the locally produced coffee for the world market.

The initiative or the mantra Agents of Change started back in 2019 when Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia only allows brewer to compete using locally produced harvest for all of its brewing competition. Back then the main common processing method in Indonesia are fully washed, giling basah, giling kering and natural. Somehow, the Giling Basah process has been contributing the main output of coffee output. Om Mikael see’s this as an opportunity to make change right at the upstream all the way to the downstream of the coffee industry. Since then, he has been collaborating with producers, processors, local universities and was able to make changes across the board.

With his #agentofchange initiative, farmers are rewarded better and their quality of life are improving. He put his effort in detail where, collaboration with universities plays a very important role in identifying microbes that is used for processing depending on the terroir and variety of coffee that is planted to get the best result year on year.

The exportability of the coffee from the locally produced farmer is also has improved which automatically created a mentality which focus on quality rather than quantity. Being able to scale the price per KG of the coffee sold internationally has greatly improved the processing facilities and at the same time farmers that contribute to the coffee to the processor are paid better
Catur Collective consist of 4 types of coffee, they are labeled as Bumi, Senja, Pucuk and Kamala. All for series are processed differently. Bumi is a full washed method, Senja is blended of Anaerobic washed and honey, Pucuk is processed as Anaerobic Honey and Kamala is processed as Anaerobic Natural. All of this coffee is mainly fermented with terrior specific inoculant. Processing varies from farm to farm based on the coffee output each season and the terroir of which the coffee is grown.

What we have here is three coffee of the Kamala Series. One is from Gayo and the other is from Kintamani and the new addition is from Flores Manggarai. With this coffees, they are different even though they are produced in a similar way. Like any other Anaerobically fermented coffee. The processing process began during pre harvest where the cherries are sent to designated lab/univerisities to determine the right inoculant pack which is prepared by the lab itself. Once this has been determined, the inoculant package will be delivered to the processor/farmer. The farmer will then prepare the Equipment for processing. Once harvest has began, a set of instructions will be provided to the processor, the main item that plays a very important role is the quality checking and sorting of the coffee cherries that was picked before it is being inoculated in a tank with the yeast/microbes provided. Processor will complete the logbook which was provided and farmer will provide weekly update on every batch/lot to Catur team. This process applies to all series under the Catur Collective.

For the Kamala process, the selected cherries is a water free process. As soon as the cherries is stored in the tank, inoculant solution is sprayed into the tank for fermentation. Fermentation process will stop as soon as the pH reached 3.8. Then the coffee is then sent to the raised beds until the moisture reach 30%. Subsequently, the coffee is then dried on a thicker pile to slow down the drying process. At thicker/deeper pile, the coffee then to dry slower. Once it has reached 11% moisture, the dried cherries is place in a hermetic bag for resting. The resting period will take at least around a month before it is hulled. The hulled coffee is the sorted to the grade set by Catur.

The two coffee that we have here comes from 2 origin. The first is from Bener Meriah and the other one is from Kintamani.

Bener Meriah by Empus Said Estate

Empus Said is a well known coffee producer from Gayo. He has been very successful in exporting his coffee world wide and is highly regard for his giling basah coffee. The farm is massive in size, in total the landsize that used to produced coffee is approximately 250Ha in size and considered as the largest Arabica coffee producer in Asia. The farm was founded back in 1908.

Variety : Abbysinia & Ateng
Altitude : 1400 masl
Process : Kamala
Origin : Bener Meriah

Kintamani by Wayan Parum

Wayan Parum was ranked at #17 in the 2021 Indonesia Cup of Excellence. The farm is located in Batukaang in Kintamani village in Bali. The farm sits at 1300 masl. The variety used for this coffee is Kopyol and Cobra. Kopyol is a local name for Tim tim and Cobra is a locally named coffee by the combination of the word Colombia and Brazil. Of which these variety usually produced flavours of coffee from this two countries when blended together. The farm size is 12.5Ha and together with his family, he has been running his farm for the past 15 years. Since working with Catur, he was able to improved his coffee quality and selected managed to auction his coffee at USD 19 per lbs during the 2021 COE auction.

Variety : Kopyol & Cobra
Altitude : 1300masl
Process : Kamala
Origin : Batukaang, Kintamani

Uwu by Tuang Coffee

Tuang Coffee is a coffee processor which focus on coffee that originates from Manggarai, Flores. It is run by Andre Hamboer, an ex Baker Mckenzie consultant based out of San Francisco turn coffee processor. He left his job in San Franciso move back to Flores to pursue his ambition. With the presence of Catur collection, Pak Andre ambition to bring foward coffee from Flores to the world stage had become a reality. Both Om Mikael and Pak Andre share the same pursuit of improving Indonesian coffee quality coupled with sustainable development thus improving the quality of life of the coffee farmer out of Flores. We were told that during the World Barista Championship, coffee that was used by Mikael Jasin was from Uwu. Coffee from Uwu, affects 300 contributing small holders. This coffee are planted at an altitude of 1600 masl.


Variety : Kartika

Altitude : 1600masl

Process : Kamala

Origin: Uwu, Nusa Tenggara

Tasting Notes : Bener Meriah
Upon grounding, the coffee has a dry aroma of herbs, clove and orange peel. At first sip, tropical fruit notes with hints of clove aroma. When its cooled, the orange notes are more prominent with a deep chocolate after taste. The coffee is sweet with a long aftertaste.

Tasting Notes : Kintamani
As a result, bright and unrestrained aromas of mango, passion fruit, grape, black currant and light wine. One entrance is caramalized canteloupe and passion fruit and other tropical ripe fruit flavors, then transformed into grapes, blackberries, blackcurrants and sweet berries, with raisins and wine at the end the fragrance is very strong

Tasting Notes : Uwu

Upon grounding, the coffee has a very aromatic aroma of mango and chocolate. Upon brewing, the coffee has an intense aroma of vanilla. At first sip, candied strawberry, grape. When it cools, the coffee became more syrupy with a hint of peach in the midsection. The coffee is juicy, sweet with clean finish.

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