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Ethiopia - Gogogu Bekaka Natural by Kedir Jibril

RM47.50 MYR

"The dry aroma carries hints of strawberry and peach with a blueberry undertone. The flavor profile is dominated by strawberry and peach, interwoven with the essence of mango juice. It is accompanied by delicate notes of orange blossom and bergamot, creating an elegant and captivating experience."

Kedir Jebril stands as the younger sibling to the illustrious Feku Jibril, a prominent figure celebrated for his exceptional coffee production, notably renowned for the Yabitu lot. Another brother in the family, Abdi Jibril, proudly operates his own Lecho washing station. This trio of siblings each possesses their own washing station and has been immersed in the world of coffee production since the era of their late father.

Of these brothers, Kedir Jebril Imamu is the youngest. Among the three, Kedir stands out as an adventurous experimenter when it comes to coffee processing. Eleven years ago, he brought to life his very own washing station, Gogogu Bekaka, situated in the Gogogu kebele of the previously named Uraga in the Guji region.

Kedir's approach to processing is notably distinctive. This specific lot undergoes natural processing. Typically, the processing initiates right after sorting, where at Gogogu Bekaka, cherries undergo an initial 60-hour fermentation period before being processed. The amalgamation of high-altitude cherries used in this lot (ranging from 2000 to 2300 meters above sea level) contributes to the rich and flavorsome profile found in the cup. These cherries are cultivated by smallholder farmers residing within the Gogogu Forest.

The harvesting of these cherries takes place within the encompassing Gogogu Forest, spanning the Central and Northern Guji areas. Kedir ensures the quality by offering a premium for the Red Cherries. These cherries are then transported to his Bekaka washing station for further processing. The cherries are placed within stainless steel tanks, fermented for a period of 60 hours, and then sorted with water to eliminate low-density cherries, which are allocated for different selections. Subsequently, the cherries are naturally dried.

Variety: 74110 & 74112
Altitude: 2000 to 2300 masl
Process: Natural
Origin: Gogogu Forest, Guji

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