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Ethiopia - Gesha Village - Gaylee Illubabor 82hrs Semi Anaerobic Honey

RM37.50 MYR

"The dry aroma presents notes of peach, lychee, lemon custard, and jasmine. Upon sipping, the prominent flavors are delicate jasmine, lychee, and lemon custard. Following these, notes of peach gummies and bergamot emerge. Throughout, the fragrance of jasmine is interwoven, bringing a strong and sweet floral essence to the forefront, spanning from the initial taste to the mid and finishing notes. The floral aroma is potent and delightful."

Bench Maji, Boma Plateau, and Eastern Equatoria form the enchanting triangle of Gesha coffee, thriving amidst the wild expanse of dense forests. This coffee possesses a naturally vibrant and clean acidity-rich profile.

In 2007, Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton's journey into coffee production began while making a documentary about Ethiopian coffee. Their love for the country, its people, and the coffee grew strong. They crossed paths with Willem Boot, an educator and processor linked to Panamanian Geisha coffee. Under his tutelage, they became apprentices. With intensive training under their belts, Rachel and Adam returned to Bench Maji, in pursuit of the perfect site for a coffee farm.

After months of exploration, they discovered a pristine location just a few miles from the birthplace of the renowned Panamanian Geisha. In 2011, their quest to rejuvenate the legendary Ethiopian Gesha coffee began.

Today, the farm encompasses a vast 471-hectare area, with 320 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation. Situated at altitudes ranging from 1909 to 2069 masl, the farm has completed its 12th season and is divided into 8 distinct sub-farms or blocks: Shewa-Jibabu, Dimma, Shaya, Bagni, Narsha, Gaylee, Oma, and Surma.

Presented here is a truly exceptional lot from the Gaylee sub-farm. This coffee made its debut at the 2022 Pride of Gesha event, receiving a remarkable cupping score of 91.25. It was subsequently auctioned for USD 75.25 per pound. This specific coffee belongs to the "Illubabor Forest" variety and undergoes processing as Semi Anaerobic Honey. In this method, freshly harvested cherries are initially fermented within an oxygen-restricted cement tank for 82 hours. Following pulping, the cherries retain a substantial mucilage layer and undergo honey processing, with the parchment and mucilage drying together on African raised beds for 26 days. Once the desired moisture level is attained, the coffee is then hulled, sorted, and allowed to rest.

Illubabor Forest is an Ethiopian variety native to the Bench Maji Zone, and its sole cultivator is Gesha Village.

Variety : Illubabor Forest
Altitude : 1966 to 2019 masl
Process : Semi Anaerobic Honey
Origin : Gaylee, Bench Maji



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