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Ethiopia - Genji Chala by Telila Washing Station

RM37.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, fresh lemon zest, lychee, pomelo, black tea, and white floral aromas carry through to the aroma. The dominant flavors feature fragrant and sweet lemon custard, peach, and lychee. Subsequently, notes of pomelo, citron, and gardenia emerge. The finish lingers with Earl Grey tea and a long-lasting floral and fruity aftertaste, creating a rich and multifaceted profile."

The Kata Muduga Cooperative Union is a group of farmers near Agaro and Jimma who work together to improve their lives. They want to make sure that farmers get fair prices for their coffee, so they sell it directly without any middlemen. This helps the farmers earn more money and have more control over their products.

The cooperative takes pride in producing coffee with exceptional flavors and unique taste characteristics. The coffee beans they use come from the Genji Challa area, which is known for its intense flavors and distinct spice notes. The cooperative's location in Agaro, close to Jimma, has contributed to their reputation for producing delicious and spiced coffees.

When the coffee cherries are harvested, they are carefully hand-picked by the farmers. Once the cherries arrive at the cooperative's Telila washing station, they undergo a meticulous process. The cherries are sorted by hand and floated to remove any less dense beans. Then, they are depulped and fermented with water for 48 hours before being washed again. The parchment, the protective layer around the coffee bean, is placed on raised beds where it is sorted daily during the drying process, which typically takes around 12 to 15 days.

The cooperative specifically cultivates two varieties of coffee beans: Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112. These varieties were chosen for their high resistance to coffee berry disease, ensuring that the cherries produced by the cooperative are of superior quality and can withstand common diseases.

The Kata Muduga Cooperative Union is committed to improving the lives of its member farmers through fair pricing, profit sharing, and traceable coffee production. They prioritize sustainable and organic practices, contributing to the unique coffee culture of the Agaro region. Their flavorful and spiced coffees are the result of their dedication to quality and the hard work of their farmers.

Variety : 744110 & 74112
Altitude : 2100 masl
Process : Washed
Origin: Jimmah

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