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Ethiopia - Biloya

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Upon grounding the coffee has a delicate aroma of orange blossom, lemon peel, bergamot and peach. At first sip, a strong juicy notes of peach, Bergamot & lemon custard as the main notes accompanied by sweet lychee, a mild aroma of apricot and orange blossom. The aftertaste mimic an oolong tea fragrance with smoot and delicate finish.

Biloya washing station is located in a small village in Kochere District, which is few miles away from Yigarcheffe. Coffee produce in Biloya are similar to coffee produce in Yigarcheffe due to the fact that it has a simillar topography. Coffee produce here are mainly from the smallholders of Biloya with landsize of an average of 1 hectare per household. Annually, the average cherries received is from the local producers are said to be 500,000 kg per year during harvest.

Biloya Washing station is owned by Tracon Plc. The washing station was established over 20 years ago and was bought over by Tracon in 2018. The washing station is run by Ahmedin Rees. Since the acquisition of the Tracon PLC, the washing station had increased its coffee processing facility by 30% to accommodation the number of farmers locally. Apart from Coffee, majority of the local farmers grows corn and enset. Enset are a type of hierloom banana which provides as staple fruit locally. The tree is tall with leaves simillar to banana. This tree provides shade to the coffee grown in Biloya.

Coffee grown in Biloya are mainly the heirloom varietal. The coffee farm there is located between 1900 masl and 2100 masl. The harvest period is in October and to Mid January. During harvest, farmers will handpicked its cherry and bring them to the Biloya washing station.

Visual QC is conducted every time the cherry arrived at the washing station to as the washing station only process red cherries. Once sorted and accepted, the cherries is pulped and washed. The coffee is washed using water from the nearby Bonde river. The water is monitored regularly for cleanliness. After the cleaning the coffee is dried the parchment is sent to Tracon's processing facility where the coffee is hulled and sorted mechanically.

Variety : Heirloom
Altitude : 1900-2100 masl
Process : Washed
Origin: Biloya, Kochere

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