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Espresso Selection Series #2 2023

RM135.00 MYR
Dear Friend,

For the 2nd selection, we've selected something truly unique, specifically the Rujak Bebeg, an exceptional coffee cultivated in Bandung and refined by the renowned Frinsa Estate. This coffee undergoes a meticulous 336-hour fermentation process, demanding attentive care during brewing. We recommend enjoying it black, particularly when brewed as Aerocano. This method mellows the coffee's acidity, rendering it silky, foamy, and bubbly, reminiscent of a famed black beverage from Ireland. It's an authentic, robust drink for connoisseurs.

The second coffee on our list hails from Nicaragua, cultivated by Los Altiplanos and processed at the same farm. This selection is more understated, even though it undergoes Anaerobic Honey processing; it isn't fermented like our first pick. This is attributed to the removal of the skin before fermentation while leaving the mucilage intact. This technique enhances the coffee's fruitiness and imparts a delightful peach aroma. While the traditional Java variety is usually robust, featuring pronounced hazelnut flavors and a rich, chocolaty mouthfeel, this selection leans more towards a fruity profile, making it versatile enough to be enjoyed black or with milk.

Lastly, we've chosen a Natural Ethiopian coffee from the distinguished Koke Washing Station, owned by Abraham Mengiste. This selection stands out with its intense fruitiness and distinct mango-like notes, coupled with the clear presence of floral tones. It makes for a very smooth espresso, perfect for those who prefer their coffee with nuanced flavors.

Remember, each coffee we've chosen this month offers a unique taste experience, showcasing the diversity and richness of coffee from different parts of the world. Whether you prefer the bold, the subtle, or the fruity, we have something special for you to enjoy.

Each monthly selection will encompass three bags, each weighing 200G.

The information on the coffee can be found from the link below.

a. Frinsa Estate - Rujak Bebeg
b. Nicaragua - Los Altiplanos
c. Ethiopia - Koke by Abraham Mengiste

The coffee will be delivered on the 10th of October 2023.

Thank you for your continuous support

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