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Colombia - Wilder Lazo - Espiritu Blanco - Geisha

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"Upon grounding, a delightful aroma of lemon peel, bergamot, and jasmine fills the air. At first sip, a classic notes of geisha which consist of jasmine, bergamot and earl grey tea. The mid section brings forth delicate nuances of peach and a gentle aroma of roses. As the coffee gradually cools, the aromatic profile evolves into the enchanting scent of lilies. The overall experience leaves behind an elegant and velvety smooth aftertaste."

The coffee at Finca Belle Alejandria in Huila is cultivated by Wilder Lazo.Situated at an impressive altitude of 1800 meters above sea level (masl), Finca Belle Alejandria is known for producing exceptional and exotic coffee, primarily in small lots. Drawing from his background in genetics and scientific knowledge, Wilder Lazo took meticulous steps to understand the soil composition, enriching it with nutrients to ensure optimal conditions before planting the coffee.

Among the treasures found at Belle Alejandria is the Geisha variety, a prized gem. For this particular lot, the coffee undergoes a Semi Washed Double Anaerobic process. Initially, the coffee cherries are pulped, and then they are submerged and fermented for an extensive 140 hours under anaerobic conditions. This submerged environment is achieved by packing the pulped cherries in a grain-pro bag, sealing it, and creating an airtight condition. This unique processing method enhances the floral and citric profiles of the coffee. Subsequently, the coffee is sun-dried naturally for 18 days before undergoing a resting period of 25 days. Finally, the coffee is milled.

Wilder Lazo is professionally trained as a veterinarian specializing in genetics. In 2017, he ventured into coffee farming, starting at La Esperanza then Finca Bella Alejandria.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1800 masl
Process : Semi Washed Double Anaerobic
Origin: Buenos Aires, Huila

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