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Yemen - Mohamed Awad Shibam (Lot 8/Haaraz) - Auction Lot

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While Ethiopia and South Sudan are the center of origin of Arabica, Yemen has been its key center for domestication of coffee. It is indicated that all Arabica varieties cultivated outside of Ethiopia transited through the Yemen Domestication center. Vast majority of the coffee cultivated outside of Ethiopia transited through Yemen. The Yemen Typica-Bourbon encompasses most of the important varieties cultivated worldwide. In the early eighteenth century, the bourbon seed transited through the Island of Reunion through the French Mission, while the Typica seed went through India and made its way to Java and to the world. Yemen today is still holding most of genetic diversity that it delivered to the world 300 years ago. Some variety just never left Yemen.

The Ancient Yemenia heirloom particularly from Haaraz comprised of three unique varieties. They are Ja’di, Jufaini and Dawairi. What we have here is the Jufaini variety planted in Bani Nahimi. Bani Nahimi is located in the mountainous region of Haraz located within the Sarat Range. This mountainous region is the oldest coffee growing communities.

The area has lush valleys and highlands where many different crop are grown. Coffee remains by far the most important. Haraz is also largest coffee region in terms of volume within Yemen. There are other region such Al Khayma and Anis.

This coffee is an auction lot coffee from the Sheba Coffee Private Auction that we participated in midNovember 2021. This coffee is produced by a single farmer and processor, Mohamed Awad Shibam.

Sheikh Awad is a 38 year old coffee farmer who owns a small traditional café in Bani Nahimi. He has been farming coffee since at a very young age. His land is an ancestral land and his ancestor has been farming coffee in Bani Nahimi. Sheikh Awad has collected wealth of experience from his ancestor.

Today, Sheikh Awad is the sole owner of the farm. His farm is very small and has around 800 coffee plant. His father has taught him on how to care for his for the tree and how to improve the quality and yield of his crop.

This coffee is processed as Natural. The picked cherries, is dried naturally on the raised beds for two to three weeks. The other two lots of coffee from during the auction were processed as Anaerobic fermentation. When we had the opportunity to pre-cup the coffee prior to Auction, this coffee brought sweetness in coffee to a new level.

The following is the cupping comments by John Thompson, the UK Head Judge for Alliance for Coffee:

"High sweet, low bitter coffee with structured acidity from hot to cold. Underlying flavours of cherry and red fruit add interest with supporting flavours of caramel, sweet spice and milk chocolate adding further complexity. A clean and creamy mouthfeel. Flavours of raspberry and blueberry remain and there is a Latic quality to the cup that adds further interest."

Due to the high sweetness in we made a minor tweak in the roasting process. The ground coffee has an aroma of star anise and orange peel. At first sip, red apple crisp with Darjeeling tea and mild star anise notes. In the mid section we found a mild minty sensation. The sweetness on the cup is more of a nectar type flavor. There are mild floral notes, but the natural sweetness really come to the forefront. Super sweet coffee. Reminded us of Chrysanthemum Tea!

Give it a try!

Variety : Jufaini
Altitude : 1700 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Bani Nahimi, Haraz

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