Ethiopian Kochere Gedeb G1 (Washed)

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A dense bean with a sweet soul.

This beans originated from the Gedeb Woreda region and grown by 584 smallholder farmers in Chelchele, Chelbasa and Gotiti. Normally, from this region, the beans will have more blackcurrant taste or blueberry like notes. Not this one. This washed Kochere is simply different.

It is sweet. When you brew this, on a light brew (temperature level 92c), You wonder if you are drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of creamy Rooibos tea. The fruitiness of this cup will hit you with a bang. It is very sweet, with melon like taste.

The sourness of this coffee is mild. It is more sugary with the tones of honey if brewed right. Goes well in the evening after a hard day at work.

It has lack of malic which some of the brewers like. It lacks body, more Darjeeling tea like. Not a cup you would drink after a plate of asam pedas or nasi lemak sambal pedas.

Give it a go. A proper #netflixandchill kinda coffee.

Variety : Hierloom
Process : Washed
Roast Level : Medium

Brewing Recommendation
V60. Thermometer is crucial in getting the right temperature for extraction.