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Rwandan Macuba Supremo (Microlot)

RM35.00 MYR

Lake Kivu is surrounded by coffee farm. This specific coffee comes from a small village in Macuba called Bizi. There are many other washing located around Lake Kivu. The Macuba Supreme coffee is processed by Nyakabingo washing station. In Rwanda, washing station cannot be too picky when accepting coffee from the coffee producers. Otherwise, the producers may sent it to other washing station. In order to be competitive, they accept nearly all cherries delivered to them.

Maintaining high quality coffee is key. Hence, the coffee selection task became very important. First, the coffee is selected through the flotation process. Secondly, the cherries were selected manually by trained personnel to ensure that only the best coffee is selected. 

This coffee is a microlot selection, produced by 329 small holders which owns at most 1 hectare of land. The varietal grown in Bizi are 100% Bourbon. As water has never been an issue for washing station located near Lake Kivu, most of the washing station fully washed their coffee. The coffee are mainly planted in altitude between 1750 to 1900 masl.

For a Supremo (large in size) bourbon planted at altitude between 1750 to 1900 masl, we expect that the density of this been to be high. When we did the sample roasting we were contemplating to either roast it medium light or medium or medium dark.

When roasted medium light, the almond notes were too strong, we suspect that this is due to the density of the beans. We decided it to push the second roast further to a higher discharge temp and longer development ratio. We were surprised that that the drastic improvements when cup. 

The notes of vanilla, brown sugar sweetness and fruity. The fruitiness is towards ripe persimmons. Even when roasted at medium dark, the coffee has a very soft body with smooth acidity which is contributed from the ripe persimmon notes. The roast profile contributes to a rounded mouthfeel. 

Truly a fine from this microlot.

Varietal - 100% Bourbon

Altitude - 1750 masl

Origin - Bizi Village, Gatare

Process - Fully Washed


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